Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been fun this past week to figure out what was worthy of making it to my ten list on Tuesday.

2.  I loved my Photography class last Wed. night.  When I had asked Owen for photography class for Christmas, I was thinking a couple hour class and I’d be good to go.  I am so glad he is so much smarter than me (I am reminded of that almost daily).  I LOVED it.  There is so much to learn and I really like the teaching style of the teacher.  At first I thought she was going to be wierd, but by the end of the 3 hours I loved it.  Our focus this week has been on taking pictures with different f-stops or depth of field.  I have taken some “artsy” pictures.  (see below) and then did a great photo shoot with Lindsay (another one of my 10 below).

3.  It was tough to watch Brett be in so much pain and discomfort with his leg and it coming out of the cast.  He greatly dislikes the brace and wants out at all times.  His right knee is very painful and hurts to move much at all.  Swimming has been his saving grace.  I can tell how much he is hurting by how long it takes him in the water to get comfortable with “playing” and putting his face in.  It took two swimming sessions to get him scrubbed clean.  He loves to swim and is the best part of his day.   So much so that we were only going to swim 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Thur), but I have enlisted Jana Bell’s help and we are now swimming on Tue and Friday afternoon with her.  Trying to figure out how to get pictures of us swimming, but don’t know how to do that yet.

4.  Becky went to spend the long weekend, Thurs – Tuesday with Grandma Marsha and Grandpa David.  It has been so wierd to see her gone. I have missed her alot.  She has done great.  Never called home.  Talks to us when we call, but doing just fine.  She wasn’t scared at all about flying by herself, Loved it!  Amazing to see how much she has grown up.  I’m glad she was able to be spoilled in Arizona.

5.  Owen started a new contract job with SPD.  He will be spending a couple of weeks in Mountain View (near SF) each month.   He is excited because he gets to help design a sharepoint product for a partner.  Something he has always wanted to do.  SPD is doing great and paying the bills.  Owen is loving being able to do his own thing.  Learning lots and having lots of fun.  I’m so proud of him and his desire to make it all work. 

6.  Photo session with Lindsay.  How she loves to have her picture taken and for a good reason!  She is beautiful!!!!!  We did some around the front yard, I took a few of her while inside using window light (more on that next), then the Ard girls came by and we headed to Pine Lake. Man oh man is she pretty and fun.   Looking forward to our weekly photo shoots so I can “do my homework” for class.  I even snuck in a couple of Brett when he wasn’t watching.  I am looking forward to learning how to edit the photo’s so they can be even more amazing!

7.  I was looking at a photo webstite (crazy thing for me to do) and I saw a tutorial on how to take pictures using the natural light from a window.  http://thecreativemama.com/winter-window-light-a-tutorial/  They had a photo contest using what they taught.  I figured I’d try what I learned and this is my favorite of Lindsay.  I liked it so much I even entered it into the contest.  Who knows right!

8.  I am so excited.  I sent out an email about doing the Ragnar Relay with friends from the ward.  We have 6 committed and 9 checking their calendar.  How much fun.  My Washington team is going to run in a race from Portland to Eugene.  Should be a fun run, only con is last year only 30 teams ran it – so we might not see any teams.

9.  Brett has figured out Skype and loves to call people.   We were able to skype with Karen and kids, Brock  (a couple of times – which I loved) and Owen since he has been gone.  Brett is a great trooper for having to sit and do nothing for so long.

10.  On Sunday Eric Fuller had me think about what I could do to be a better ward missionary.  I proceeded to put my testimony onto to Caring Bridge.  So love the gospel.

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