Ten on Tuesday

I cannot believe how much I’ve looked forward to writing today.  Maybe there is so little going on in my life that this is the highlight of my week?  

1.  It has been amazing to watch Brett’s recovery.  I am so impressed at how far he has come.  He loves to swim each day and I am very grateful that we have the option of a warm water therapy pool near by and that I have help to get him there.  Saturday, I went solo swimming with Brett and Becky.  I was able to do everything for Brett myself, but he sure loves to have someone else to chase or get.  I am his power and they are the bait.  Monday in the pool Brett walked a few times back and for the width at 3’6″ depth with a aquabelt on.  Not much weight on his limbs, but he loved to be walking.  He went to church and loved seeing his friends.  Next Sunday is Stake Conference and the following we’ll stay the whole block.  Brett is now sitting upright on the couch.

2.  I learned lots this week in my photography class about the shutter speed.  I thought previously that Shutter speed meant stopping motion.  I learned that it also means making parts blurry and helping a dark night look more bright.  I tried all those things out.  I’ll show you Becky’s part in my photo shoot for the week.  I’ll show you my night scenes in my next number.

 Becky jumping on a tramp

My attempt to get a picture of Becky running but clear and everything else blurry.  Check with my teacher and she said I tracked Becky head and torso speed, but her legs and arms were moving in a different direction.

3.  When Owen came home of Friday night I was more than ready to do something on Saturday night with him.  I wanted to do something not just eat.  We ended up going to the space needle (he has a membership which allows him and one person to get in free).  I loved taking pictures at night and trying out shutter speeds to allow more light.  Here are pictures I have taken and love looking at them because I love Seattle.

Looking out over Puget Sound at Sunset  4:59

Same direction at 5:21 (20 minutes after sunset it the beginning of a 6 minute window to taking great photo’s of a skyline – per a photography book I read – amazing longer shutter speed almost the same picture)

Same direction  5:38 It was totally dark at this point  shutter speed 1/2 second

This is a shot of Lake Union (facing east at 5:24 pm)  I learned about importance of tripods, overlook the fuzz, but I loved the blue of the water and sky.

Here is looking south at 5:27 – first one with 1/6 second shutter speed and second is same time with 1/2 second shutter speed

4.  We learned that Brett is still allergic to peanuts.  I had forgotten to tell Justin that he was allergic.  There happened to be peanut butter pretzels on the computer desk so Justin gave one.  Justin did a great job of giving him Benadryl and an epi-pen and helping him.  We spent some time in the ER (glad we went because when the epi-pen wore off he needed more meds) and then came home.  Missed swimming, but we are doing great.

5.  One of my assignments was to print a picture to bring to class.   I decided to test out a couple of choices.  I printed this picture at Costco and also from a professional film lab  http://www.mpix.com/PrintPricing.aspx .   I added both for luster and was amazed at the difference when the came back.  Lesson learned.  If you want a good print, use the lab which really isn’t that much more than Costco.  Reg. pictures – use Costco.


6.  We went to church as a family on Sunday for the first time in 6 weeks.  It was great to be there.  Surprised that 3 new families have moved in since I went “in-active”.  Brett loved being there.   Brett and I headed home after Sacrament meeting.

7.  Owen has stayed busy with working out of Mountain View.  Sure miss him when he is going, but he was great about spending Saturday with all of us.  So nice to have him home.  Saturdays and Sunday mornings are going to be golden for us!

8.  Started running again.  I figured after almost 3 months off, I mentally needed to get running again.  My body needs me to get running again.  I ran a tempo run today and the thought I kept thinking was I can only get faster, I can only get faster, I really couldn’t be any slower than this right.  So here’s to tempo runs and intervals.

9.  I think I have watched toooo much tv and played way to many ipad games this past week.  Hopefully I can get rid of my latest past time sooner than later.

10.  Love to listen to Becky learn to play the piano!  Maybe – but probably not Brock will have his call by next Tuesday (probably a week from Thursday/Friday).  Love to spend time with Lindsay (when she is home that is).  Brett still makes me smile with his great hugs and laugh.  Look forward to talking/texting during the week and love to be with him on the weekends.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Owen says:

    It is so fun to read your posts. I’m a bit chagrined that my wife has been a better blogger than I over the past couple of months! Thanks for sharing! I’ll see you on Friday night…

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