Ten on Tuesday

1.  Did you know that you can cook bacon in the oven?  I love it.  No grease splatter, no turning the bacon.  Just put your bacon on a cookie sheet with an edge (to hold the grease in), heat your oven to 350 and then cook for 15 + minutes.  Check for it to be done and take out and put the bacon on paper towels.  Let the pan sit so that the grease can harden, scrap off into trash and you are good to go!  Love it.

2.  Just wanted to let you know about some of the humorous sides of Brett and swimming daily.  I learned after the first day that his swim suits were much too tight to try to get off him when he didn’t want to move or be touched much.  So I looked around and what did I find.


You guessed it – a pair of my board shorts.  The are really easy on and off.  The trick we found to keeping the up esp while swimming is water is that we tie them around the blue aquabelt that we put around his waist.  That way something is holding them up on him because it sure isn’t his hips or rear end.

3.  This week I stopped by the Seattle Temple to get pictures of their fountains using different shutter speeds.


I realized that I could try out panning a moving object to make it in focus while around it isn’t blurry (kind of like Becky from last week, but with a car).  My worry about doing a car was being to close and them thinking I’m a creeper.  I was able to practice and get a few shots from far enough away so that they couldn’t notice me doing it. 


4.  My neighbor was refacing her cabinets and getting new doors so she brought me her old ones. 

What would I want with them you might ask?  For starters, somehow my kids seem to use my doors as monkey bars and the hardware tends to not withstand this use after repeat use over the years.  So I love to get old hardware.  But really I have been looking at this idea for a head-board for about a year now hoping somehow I could suddenly learn to use power tools and be able to make it for myself. 


5.  Friday nights are hardest for me because Owen has been gone all week and doesn’t fly in until around 10:30pm.  Lindsay is off at a school basketball game.  Becky had been playing at a neighbor’s house and I’m bored.   Last Friday night I decided that I needed some tulips.  Here is the fun I had trying to get falling rain on the tulips.  I was lying down on the kitchen floor, headlamp on my head to get a little light and yet it wasn’t raining hard enough to get a rain drop, but I loved the look anyways. 

6.  As I was looking at blogs I found an idea that I am trying to do.  It is a dinner group that meets 4 times a year and this lady calls their group “The Four Seasons”.  Here is the entry which explains it.


7.  Our Stake theme this year is to Be More Humble.  It was interesting to listen to 4 talks on Sunday which focused on our need to be more humble.  I was able to look at my life and discover areas in which improvement was needed. 

8.  Lindsay and I headed to Pikes Place Market on Sat to get some fun pictures.  I was sad – the fish flying store was closed for  remodeling, flowers were still just dried flowers, and it wasn’t all that fun.  First time ever.  I did get a chance to try out another option for pictures where you are focused on a fixed point and you show motion of an object (car – in this case.  I was hoping for a person on their bike, but none were coming – bit cold – and Lindsay was only wanting to stand on the bridge with her mom pointing a camera at the ground for so long.

9.  Becky’s birthday is coming up and she is so excited to plan it.   I love it when my kids are old enough to plan their parties.  I also love groupon, living social, mobba, etc type websites.  We were able to find 1/2 price coupons to the family fun center near by which has miniature gold and tramps that you have a belt around your waist and are able to flip around on.  Becky has it all planned and best part is that her friends will all be here over Feb break so we can do it then rather than wait for a weekend in March (way to far past her birthday for her liking).

10.  Truly grateful for friends and family who call or let me stop in to chat so that I can have someone to talk to.  I truly miss being social.  Best advice I got recently was from my brother who broke radio silence and told me how to survive on a camping cot for extended months.  Use a sleeping pad – it makes ALL the difference in the world.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Love the headboard idea!!! when you’ve perfected it, and we are no longer in school you need to come and “make” one for me. Love your photos also. Makes me wish I had the time, money etc to do something like that. Glad your enjoying it.

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