An Hour with Lindsay’s Mom is so much more fun than with Lindsay!

These are the top canidates for my photography homework assignment which was:

Take an ordinary item and take a picture of it in an unordinary place.

These are all my favorite ones (with exception of the joke).  Please let me know which one I should submit (not that I’m competitive or anything – and sports aren’t even involved).

I have to submit by midnight tonight so 10 pm is my cutoff time.  Here is the story to go along with the pictures.

My hour with Lindsay’s mom is so much more fun than with Lindsay

Hi,  I’m Lindsay’s fancy shoes.  She takes me to really important places – like Dances, EFY and even Church.  She takes such good care of me.  I have been treated like a princess.  But one day, her Mom hijack’s me and we escaped for an hour.   I never new life could be soooo much fun.  There is so much to see and do.  I’ve lived more in the hour I spent with Kris than the 8 months I’ve been with Lindsay.

First we go for a car ride – I’m used to that but this time I got to ride on a soft blue bag rather than on Lindsay’s feet or on the floor next to Lindsay’s feet.  We went on a very bumpy road right at the end of the ride.  I loved looking out of the bag and seeing these huge tall trees all around.  Most had green leaves, but some were bare and some had lots of moss all over them.  Kris started walking to what she said was going to be a bus – hard to imagine how a bus could actually get back into the woods, but maybe it is a party bus (I’ve heard all about those from Lindsay’s silver pumps!).  I heard some water running and was so excited to see Kris reaching into the bag for me.  She took me out and look what was all around me.  It was great and I wasn’t even getting wet!

Then we came to the bus -if that is what a party bus is like – I’ll don’t know what the silver pumps were thinking when she said that they were fun.  It looked like an old rotten bus turned on it’s side it me.   I had to pose like I liked it, but let me tell you I am a great actress!  Then I had to make a quick trip to the ladies room.   Didn’t breathe the whole time in there either.

We get back into the car and start driving.  Kris stops again.  I look around and what do I see but construction equipment!   I have never seen that before.  I loved it.  Let me at it.  I was sure that I could run a backhoe with the best of them.  Look at me, I’m a natural.  Like I was made for the job.

I loved looking at all the sizes of loaders they had.  The balance it takes to stay up on those dirk caked loaders is quite impressive I must say.  All those days of working on my core are really paying off for me.

It was amazing all the different machines there, but I loved the view of the mountains around the most.  If you open up this last picture you can see some geese, they were trying to get Kris’s attention, but I successfully distracted her so she didn’t even notice them until we got home and she was looking at her pictures.  Not only can I model well, but I can keep all the focus on ME!  I hope that Kris takes me out again sometime soon.  I’ll be sure to update all of you on our next adventure!

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3 Responses to An Hour with Lindsay’s Mom is so much more fun than with Lindsay!

  1. Owen Allen says:

    I like the shoes on the truck pedals, driving the front loader…,

  2. Kari says:

    I like the second picture!

  3. Marsha says:

    Very nice and creative! Sounds like you and the fancy shoes really enjoyed yourselves. Great!

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