Ten on Tuesday

1.  Is there ever a time when you want to go outside and put up another sign on top of a service truck to tell all your neighbors the real reason you have them at your house?  Well that was me last Wed. when this truck pulled up.

We had a squirrel who decided that since we had cut his home down in Sept of 2009 that he was going to do what any squirrel would do that had lost his home and move into our attic.  We had seen him get in from the roof and up under the rafters.    The exterminator found our squatter in the attic.  Very lucky for us that he came that day because the squirrel had recently died or was really really good a faking being dead.   Thank goodness he hadn’t started smelling, etc.   I wanted a trap to over the truck that said squirrel problem not GotaRat.com.  

2.  Wed night was my photography class – our assignment was photograph an ordinary object in a unusual place.  I posted my attempts in the previous blog and here is the winner ( had a few phoned in votes )

3.  Best water toy ever –  Toypedo  http://www.swimways.com/toypedo-original-p-52.aspx   Brett used one of Friday and on Sat we took a trip to Target to get one.  He slept with it until Monday when we went to the pool and he used it for an hour straight.

4.  Last week seemed like heaven – Owen came home on Tuesday from Toronto (one day early so he wouldn’t have to worry about being trapped in the storm).  He was home Tuesday through Sunday morning.  Loved having him around.

5.  Brett is doing great.  He let me take his picture to send to Brock. 

6.  Love to hang out and talk with Lindsay.  She has been around a little bit more lately and it is wonderful to chat with her and spend time hearing about all the amazing things she doing and thinking about.  (She can’t say that because that wouldn’t be humble, but mine is a righteous pride of her)

7.  Becky has planned her whole birthday party.  I love it when they are old enough to plan their parties.  She is going to have it over Feb. break (we get Feb. 21 – 25 off of school).  She is looking forward to having 6 of her friends over and going miniature golfing with them.  I’m sure I might even take a few pictures of that on the Feb. 24th.  (just a teaser so you’ll want to come back and read my blog again)

8.  Still surprised that I still panic a little bit when I’m taking pictures – maybe it is getting over the nerve of looking like the photographer (something what was pet peeve of mine for years – didn’t want to look like I had a camera).  I am learning to relax and just worry about the picture.

9,  The cheapest way to buy Photoshop is to take a class and then you get the educational price.  I got mine last Wednesday after going to two college bookstores with Brett – let me tell you that you get lots of looks when you push a 13 year old in a wheelchair around a junior college campus.  I have installed it, but haven’t been able to play around as much as I’d like.  For some reason my  kids want to use the computer also. 

10.  I have been blessed this week many times by others and by the Holy Ghost reminding me that even though my life seems quite boring (okay not so much this week since Owen was home) Heavenly Father has blessed me with doing things I love – running , photography (new found love) and being with my kids and family (esp. Owen – have I said that enough – already miss him this week).

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