Small Loves on Valentines Day

I wanted to share some of the small and simple things that I love today!  These are not in order of what I love most or least, just a listing.

1.  I love when I get a text from my kids which says “love you mom”.

2.  I loved the note Becky left for me on the white board. 

And you know what?  She did exactly what she said she’d do.  How I love to hear her play and watch her fingers move on the piano.

3.  I love the beach – partly because of the calming sounds, but mostly because of the memories we’ve had there are a family and with our extended family.

4.  I love Brett and his love of things!

5.  I LOVE to get the mail each day.  I always to get it.  I have this secret fantasy that maybe just maybe today will be the day when a check come in the mail that I didn’t expect!  I love the excitement I still get when I open up the mailbox to discover the surprise of the day!

This day we actually got a package.  What a great day!  It was for Owen, but still I love the trill of a surprise.

6.  I love to see hopscotch games in the cul-du-sac.  It means that one – it has been sunny/warm enough for the kids to play outside and two – the rain hasn’t washed it away yet.

7.  I love where I get to run each day.

8.  I love holding hands with Owen.

9.  I love that Lindsay looks good in whatever she is wearing!

10.  I LOVE chocolate bing covered cherries.  I don’t have a picture since when the box that Owen has sent to me monthly comes – it doesn’t last long.  I’ll take a picture of the next on and include it on a ten on Tuesday blog.   Love it that Owen know me well enough to send me a box each month.  (love that package in the mail box or the door step – don’t remember how it comes – just loves that it comes!)

11.  Love that I am taking pictures of little things to remind me of how much I love my life.

12.  Love that we get to go to church as a family.  Love to read scriptures with my kids.  Last night when we were reading about NephiHAH (we make sure the HAH is said loudly).  Brett loved it when it was his turn and he got to say HAH.  So amazingly his scriptures always seemed to include NephiHAH, even if it wasn’t written down.

13.  Love my kids and their love to me.

14.  Love Peanut M&M’s

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day today and take a moment to remember all the little things you love!

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