Ten on Tuesday

I’ve learned a lesson last week – look at the previous week and see if you have already used an idea – opps my bad.  I’ll try to do better this week.  Not many pictures this week, but most of my pictures this week were part of  yesterdays post.

1.  I loved listening to Brett read the following sentence to his speech therapist.  Brett had already “talked” about these words using his communication device, but it was great to hear him read the words off the paper with his voice.  “I went to Red Robin.  I ate a cheese pizza with broccoli.  I drank chocolate milk.”  It wasn’t totally clear, but it was much more legible than before.   One of the things we have noticed about his seizure meds decreasing is that his words are becoming more understandable. (too us)

2.  No more seizure medicine for Brett!  So happy to not have to give meds morning and night.  I will say that I have been blessed over the past 12 years, because I rarely can make it through a 12 day med. series and be able to remember 2 times a day, even less chance of 3 a day.  Grateful that during the 12 years, I probably missed 2 or 3 doses total.  Brett is off now and doing great.

3.  Today was Becky’s class valentines day party.  It was fun to go into her class and see the kids.  We put a name of a famous (to them) couple (ie. Woody and Bo Peep; Sherk and Fiona, etc. ) and they had to ask questions of other friends to find out who they were then they had to go and find their “match”.  It was funny to watch the kids.  Couple of centers – favorite was the cherry 7-up float stand.  Then we had the kids tie 5 fleece blankets to give to Project Linus.  They did  great and were done with the blankets in no time at all.

4.  Brett is loving cruising around in his wheelchair in the house.  It is funny to see him take a quick 360 while eating his food, just because he can move. We just ordered a new wheel chair that will take 6 – 8 weeks.  Had I know this I would have done it prior to the surgery.

5.  Running is going well.  It is great to see the improvement that in possible when you start to push yourself during tempo and interval runs.  Still a ways to go, but great to see some improvement in the right direction.

6.  Loved spending time with Owen, Lindsay, Brett and Becky this weekend.  We were able to spend time as a family and loved it.

7.  Brett and Becky are great Uno players.  Anyone up for the challenge.

8.  Was reminded how powerful music can be for me in testifying of a certain gospel principle and strengthening my testimony.

9.  Love the look of a few new things – amazing what a necklace and earings will do to make you look a bit more dressy.

10.  Went to the Symphony on Friday night with a friend (Owen was not back into town until late Friday night).  I loved it.  It was so fun to watch the conductor – quite the character.  Loved to see how all the different musicians moved as they played.  Some moved lots; others not so much.

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