The Quilt and the Quilt Hanger

Do you ever wonder if there is a story behind things in people’s homes.  Yesterday as I found the missing piece (amazing what happens when you clean your room) to my quilt hanger, I thought it would be fun to write down about the history of the quilt and the quilt hanger.

It all began 10 1/2 years ago.  My brother Jeff got married to the ever amazing Heather.  We were at their reception and one of the gifts that came was a totally cute quilt.   I loved it and told Jeff I’d be happy to have it.   I went home and went to JoAnne and made a close likeness – as close as I could come up with trying to remember what a folded quilt with a ribbon would look like.  (3 or 4 months after their Sept Wedding).  Their’s had die cuts hand stiched  on random square – I didn’t try to go that far.  Now that I had made and tied the quilt, I needed to find a way to hang it up.

The next year my sister Kindy’s family had us for Christmas.  They asked us what we wanted.  Vern, her husband, had just finished making lots of items for his Mom’s quilting store – SO I asked for a quilt holder for my wall of my stairs.  Vern made exactly what I was hoping for.  Thanks VERN!

I patiently waited for Owen to hang it up for me – okay not that patiently – so I hung it up myself.  Given that I am not a carpenter, I hung it up on the wall, but the holes that Vern had made didn’t hit our studs exactly so I did the best I could.   Needless to say that after holding up quilts for a little over a year it fell down.

I then put the quilt holder in my room hoping for the day that Owen would have a chance to hang it up right for me.    Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting – 6 years later I happen to have a carpenter in the house (early December 2010).  He was working on Owen’s new doors for his office (another post sometime) and fixing the posts in the front hallway  (so nice to have them sturdy for my monkey’s).  I realized that this was my chance.  SO after a 6 year absence I had my quilt rack rehung – and this time it should make it.  The sad part was that I couldn’t find one of the brackets of the quilt holder.   I knew it was somewhere in my room but couldn’t seem to find it.

Yesterday when I cleaned my room (yipee!) I found the missing bracket so I finally have my quilt holder hanging up with a quilt on it.

So there you go – the story of my quilt and quilt holder.

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