Ten on Tuesday

I love Tuesdays!

1.  As you saw from my previous post I spent time cleaning this past week.  This year when the spring cleaning bug hit (it only hits for so  long for me) I decided to start in my room this year rather than downstairs.  Seems like in the past once I finished downstairs – I was burned out of cleaning and never made it up to my room.   I must tell you that our room was a junk room.  All the things from Owen’s old office (Brett’s downstairs bedroom) were on the floor of our room.  I was able to get to where I could see the floor all across the room.  I was amazed and how much I loved to just walk into the room since I’ve cleaned it up all.  Here are a couple shots of my favorite parts of my room.

For some reason I love this black chair – I don’t like to read much but sitting here is so relaxing.

Love my ribbon/wrapping wall.

I love the view out my bedroom window.

2.  Last week I put up my list of small loves.  After Valentines Day, I thought of some of the things that bug me.  I decided to not make a whole post on my pet peeves, but thought I’d share one with you here.  Hopefully none of you do this, but if you do, I hope I can educate you here.

This is what my pet peeve has to do with (okay no clear sky’s today):

I am sure you have seen this many times before.  If you don’t own one you will not know what it actually says.  I wish people could read.

REMOVE BEFORE DRIVING VEHICLE – Why do they drive with it hanging down.  It says not to!  I totally understand forgetting to hand it up when you park – I’ve been guilty of that before, but it drives me crazy when I see people driving around with it up.   Okay I’ve gotten off my soap box for the month.

3.  Brett is sooo funny.  His latest obsession (meaning he constantly watches you tube videos, looks at all the ones he can buy on bing, and talks about it all the time) is light sabers.  The other night when I put him to bed, he started to put his hand in a c shape and turned it on his side and put it towards me.  I was able to realize that he was being Darth Vader and he was using his mind controls and was causing me to not be able to breathe easily.   I played along and pretended to be having a hard time breathing.  What he did next caused me to laugh and laugh.  He took his hand and “threw” me across the room just like Darth Vader.  Who says that boy doesn’t get it!

4.  We’ve had lots of bright, clear, sunny and pretty cold days here.  This is a picture of why I love where I live.

This picture was taken only a mile from where I live.  I love to see the mountains in the background.  (Those mountains are probably 75 – 100 miles away – as the bird flies across the puget sound)

5.  I was working on taking pictures in full sun (something we don’t have to worry about here often – good thing about pictures is the overcast sky’s are great).  I loved how some of these shots of the water fountain turned out.

6.  Worked on motion and Becky and her friends loved to help out.  We stayed outside until the 45 degrees turned out fingers and toes to ice cubes.

7.  New rule that I have:   Ever year the week after Valentines Day – I will have my wedding ring cleaned and checked.  This is why:

I hate that on Sunday I noticed that the prongs were wearing down or gone on a number of the prongs.  I even said to Owen, I need to take my ring in on Monday and get it fixed.  Why I didn’t take it off and put it in a bag and put it in my purse is my biggest regret.   I lost the main diamond sometime between Sunday night and Monday at 4:30.   Most likely it is at the Bellevue Aquatic Center either in the pool or down a drain. 

8.  I got my taxes done yesterday.  I love Turbo Tax online.  This was the first year I have had the opportunity to do a Schedule C.  It was really easy and so worth the money to use Turbo Tax rather than an accountant.

9.  Good luck to Kindy, Kari and Kim and everyone else running the Del Sol Ragnar Relay.  It is always a little hard to not be running a race, esp. when my sisters are running it.  They did invite me so it is my lack of being prepared and having to be a responsible mom that has kept me out this time.  Can’t wait to see and hear all about the race.

10.  Brett’s update from the Dr today.  He is doing great!  The Dr is very pleased with his progress.  No more brace.  He is able to do some weight bearing.  Goal is 4 -6 weeks he is able to do limited walking with walker.  He got home and I let him crawl around.  He loved it.  Still a little shaky on the right leg, but he is in heaven.  He still needs to wait another 4 -6 weeks to be able to ride on an ATV.  Brett is a great kid.  He loved to look at the x-rays of his legs and hips today.  Great day at the doctor office.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    If you want – we can call you on your cell anytime something funny happens – Oh wait that is what Scott wanted in SO Cal. We will miss you not being there too! Maybe next year! Thanks for being a GREAT sister!!

  2. Don’t feel any pressure to call me, enjoy the race. I’m sure you’ll do great! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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