The Snow Sledding and Iron Chef Birthday Party

Becky had done a great job of planning her birthday party to happen at the Family Fun Center, where they were going to go miniature golfing, jump on tramps with belts on which allowed them to flip all over and go to the batting cages.  It was going to be a fun and easy party, little longer since we had to drive there (30 minutes one way), but a great way to spend the afternoon with her friends during break.

Monday we looked at the weather report (since all the activities she wanted to do were outside) and it showed that we’d have snow all week and be in the low 30’s with snow for her party.  We decided to do a quick change of plans and have an Iron Chef party (I had heard that Kindy had done one for Ella a few years ago).  I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep the girls busy for 4 hours (original time for the party), but Becky convinced me that a Scooby Doo viedo would do the trick for the 7 nine-year olds.

Wednesday night comes and we got lots of snow (3 – 4 inches) so we add to the party Thursday (the day of the party) morning sledding and playing in the snow.  Thanks goodness for e-mail and mom’s who check it often.

The girls arrived around 12:30 (except for a one whose car wouldn’t start after 20 minutes of trying – so the mom attempted to drive her here in their mini cooper – brave mom – braver Julia who “held on for dear life” I was told).   The girls hadn’t played in the snow yet and they didn’t even come into the house.  They went right to work in our front yard.  They decided to make thrones for themselves in the front yard.  Who else but 9-year-old girls would make thrones.   They used up most of the snow from the front yard and would go and get more snow from the back yard to help them.  They played there for an hour. 

Then we headed out for the sledding.  We walked down to a part near their school that had a great hill.  The moles thought so to and they had left lots of their mole hills all around.  People had been out earlier so some off the snow had been packed down and the mole hills were sticking up.  That didn’t deter them from sledding.  The service project for the day was to flatten out mole hills.  The girls had so much fun sledding.  They would go down forwards and backwards.  They would go down as groups and crash at the bottom often.  A couple of attempts happened on another side of the park but the fence looked a little to low for more than on run down.  After an hour they were ready to head back home.

This was them right before heading down the hill backwards as a group!

They took off their snow clothes, drank their hot chocolate, washed their hands and were ready to start cooking.  I was amazed at what great chef they were.  We had all the kids work on each of the 3 menu items because the muffin’s took a lot longer than the smoothies so in order for every thing to be ready at the same time (which amazingly it worked out that way) we had the girls all work together.  They measured, poured, cut apples and mixed the apple muffins with great energy.  

They all loved to cut up the fruit for the fruit salad – amazing what great cutters they were.  The strawberries, kiwi and bananas were cut with great precision and were done in to time flat. 

The famous Jana Bell fruit dip (marshmallow fluff and cream cheeses) caused many to help clean out the mixing bowl.  They did a great job of squeezing the oranges and cutting more strawberries for the smoothie. 

The muffins came out just as the girls were ready to sit down and eat their feast.

Following a number of rounds of Telephone, the girls were able to create their plate master pieces. 

 I’ll show a picture of the plates when we get them back.    A wooden spoon and the plate make for an easy goodie bag.

The girls loved to play, take group pictures and be together.  The 4 hours party extended to a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour party and so one noticed the time.  They could have played for hours.  How fun for Becky to spend the day surrounded by friends, snow and good food.  No TV made Mom really happy!

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