Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday has been come a much anticipated day for me.  I enjoy looking back over the last week to see all that has happened.  I remember when my kids were little that days were long, weeks seemed to go on forever, but months went quick and the years flew by.  Now that my kids are older it seems like it is all flying by.

1.  Last Wed was my last photography class.   How I will miss my Wednesday escapes.  There is the next class which starts in mid April which I hope to take and it is on Thursday’s so that will be a nice thing to look forward to.  In order to keep myself taking pictures I have tried to take pictures for a photochallenge that    http://thecrerativemama.com/the-creative-mama-photo-challenge-v5-the-coloro-red/  has each week.   They come out every two weeks.  This weeks was red.  I realized that I don’t have much red in my house/wardrobe or around.  I did have some strawberries and we did have snow last week so here is my entry.

2.  I know understand why people hire a personal trainer.  I had 2 sessions from a groupon that I bought and I used the first one yesterday.  As I was laying on my back, 3/4 the way through the 45 minute session, I thought to myself “this is why the dire a trainer so they will do the exercises which they would never do on their own”.  Not even 3 seconds later the trainer commented to me, “This is why people hire trainers, we make you do exercises that you wouldn’t do or would stop doing”.  What do you read minds also.  I am not nearly as sore today as I expected and was surprised how nice it actually felt to actually work out (muscles wise).  Karen I know you’ll be happy to hear that.  I have one more next Monday – maybe I will actually start lifting those dreaded weights.

3.  Last Wednesday night I braved the snow to go to my last photography class.  It was starting to snow around 8ish and I came home around 9.  This is what I learned  at class and what it looked like outside.  The first is how my pictures of the last couple of night when it snowed had been turning out – lots of yellow.

We learned how to set a custom white balance and here is outside me house looking the way it really looked.

I love a good snow – especially when I’ve gotten home safe and know I don’t have to go anywhere soon.

4,  Brett is back at school!!!!!  part-time, but he loves it.  And I love having an empty house for a few hours again each day. 

5.  Brett is so fun.  He latest thing he wants to buy is a blue light saber.  He really wants the $200 one (the boy can see style and quality), but is willing to settle for a much less expensive one.  One day he told me he wanted to help unload the dishwasher.  I said sure – when he finished he showed me my wallet and wanted to get paid for doing a job.  I gave him a buck.  He now looks at the dishwasher often to see if it is clean or dirty.  He has done a great job of emptying it everyday for me all for the price of ONE DOLLAR.  After about 3 days Lindsay and Becky saw that he was emptying the dishwasher and were really impressed, until they saw he got paid.  Then it was “why don’t I get paid”.  Here a shot of my helper.   ** in order to do the dishes the dishwasher needed to be emptied – that is why my counters are looking oh so good.

6.  Last night we played Don’t Eat Pete for FHE.  We haven’t played this for years (probably 10 to 12).  I had an older version of the game from when we lived in Penn (15 years ago).  Edith sent Brett a new one this year for his surgery.  Becky had a bag of M&M’s from her piano teacher so it was the game of the night.  Lindsay is amazing at getting to eat lots of m&m’s.  Brett – the you can’t pick the square with the green M&M on it had to be invoked so that he’d get at least one m&m.    Thanks so much Edith for the fun game.

7.  Becky is 9.  The last year my kids are single digits.  Amazing to me how quickly the time has gone by.  Becky is so much fun.  She loves to play with friends and she is very happy to play by herself.  She is very kind and thoughtful.  She is almost always willing to be my runner and get whatever I might need.  She loves Brock, Lindsay and Brett with the biggest heart in the house.  I love to watch her play the piano, read, cook and be my buddy.  Love her so much. 

8.  I love my bed.  After 10 weeks of sleeping all by 7 or 8 night on a cot downstairs in Brett’s room with him, I’ve been on my own bed for the last week.  Once Brett didn’t have to sleep in his brace (or cast), I excused myself from his room.  Last week was winter break so I let Becky sleep on the cot, but on Sunday night (a school nigh) Brett was flying (or sleeping) solo.  He slept all night and so did I.  Love being back to somewhat more normal.

9.  Found an online dress website that had so fun dresses that actually could be worn and not worry about them being to short or sleeveless, etc.  Only downside is they are a bit pricey, but if I ever need a fun dress for a really special occasion than I’m heading here (sure hope my weight lifting will get me looking like the models).   www.shabbyapple.com

10.  Brett wanted to play in the snow on Saturday.  Lindsay offered to help him enjoy the snow!  He sat on the sled and was pulled around the backyard.  That was okay, but the snow fights were what he loved.  Thanks Lindsay for playing with Brett.

Brett hits Lindsay with snow!


Brett’s reaction to the direct hit!

Lindsay retaliated!


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