What is actually in my drawer?

I decided to clean out my drawer.  This isn’t the family junk drawer (that will be a project for another day).  This is my drawer in our kitchen where I keep things I need and want to know where they are – for example keys to the car, keys to the mail box, upcoming bills, etc.   I have been having a hard time closing it lately – so having some time this afternoon I thought I’d clean it out.  I realized it would be fun to actually write down what I considered worthy of keeping in “my drawer”.  If you don’t want to know that much about me – skip the rest of this post.   Just figured in 25 years from now it would be fun to see what is in “my drawer” and hopefully nothing that is there now will still be there – unless it is a car key which would be great to know that a car has lasted that long.

Here is a picture of the drawer when it is open.


Here is a pictures of everything out on my island.  (really I didn’t throw anything away or add anything to the counter)


Here is a quick photo of my favorite items in the drawer.


Items in this photo were:

  • 3 swim goggle nose pieces (so your goggles will have the right fit – did I ever try any of them on Brett’s goggles?  no so why did I save them?)
  • 2 pieces that had broken off a nativity set from at least 2009 – Hopefully next Christmas I’ll remember they are here and fix the nativity sets when I set them up
  • unused ticket to the Skyline vs. Someone state Football championship game from 2009 – we bought one more ticket than we used – why am I saving it?  Like I’m going to get a refunds – not.  Maybe one of the players would want to buy it on ebay or I could donate it to the skyline gridiron auction this spring.   (nope going in the trash today)
  • 1 way trip on the seattle monorail – purchased 11/28/08  – haven’t used it yet –  Yeah I’ll hold onto that one – It will still work and who knows when I’ll need to go on the monorail.
  • business card for Ramblings Vinyl – my vinyl source – so glad I found it!
  • pink and red buttons – when was the last time any of my kids work something with a pink or red button – years ago.  I guess you never know when you’ll need a button.

Here is the list of the rest of the items in the drawer:

  • 3 packs of dental floss
  • 1 toothbrush
  • various dry eraser markers, silver gen pens (christmas card 2009), sharpie, Visa-a-via pen, pencil, small pink pen
  • gum wrappers
  • 5 mail keys, one house key that doesn’t work, one master lock key for a bike lock we no longer have
  • random glass art work which was a mothers day gift (2008)
  • pack of baseball cards
  • cruise sea pass (2010)
  • performance bike membership card (2007)
  • expired drivers license Kris – expired 7/2010
  • 91 cents in change (not even enough to pay Brett his dishwasher emptying fee)
  • my wedding ring – awaiting a new stone and a ctr ring
  • 2 AAA batteries – no idea if still good
  • ticket to ride game card (old version – 2009)
  • carmex
  • 2 bathroom keys
  • 2 glue sticks, 2 binder clips, various paper clips, rubber bands
  • 5 birthday candles
  • broken necklace
  • library card
  • 2 kiss, one starburst, one pez package of candy – date unknown
  • 6 box tops
  • 3d glasses from the movies
  • 3 blue “Follow Him in Faith” wristbands – 2009 or 2008
  • hole puncher, paper cutter blades, scissors sharpener, exacto knife
  • finisher medal – Spokane to SandPoint 2010 and Ragnar NW Passage 2009
  • broken piece of quilt stand
  • lots of hair elastic, clips
  • sun tan booth eye covers
  • keys to cars, including suburban which we sold in 2010
  • Hammer Gel, Gu energy gells, sport beans, luna bar
  • plastic water bottle straw
  • cell phone charger
  • 5 package of tissues
  • various small bits of ribbons
  • white gel icing
  • 4 flash drives
  • anti-itch cream
  • 3 geocashing coins, trinkets – taken from a cache in 2006 (oops should get them back into a cache soon)
  • family picture from when 2005
  • glow sticks which have been used in a zip lock bag
  • used model rocket fuel engine
  • bills
  • coupons which are expired – package of free frosty coupons which expired 2009
  • pictures from this years christmas cards
  • stamps
  • SharePoint Directions receipts
  • ordinance cards (completed and some that need to be done)
  • various gift cards – not even sure if they are have anything left of them.
  • old bracelets
  • eagle scout dad tie tack
  • checks for the upcoming ragnar relay
  • stickers
  • calculator
  • 2 inch stack of papers to throw away
  • headphones (I don’t own an mp3 device – but others in the house do)
  • sunglass holder for sunglasses I can’t find anymore

In other words – I keep a lot of junk!

Here is my drawer now.  Til the next time I clean it out in 2 or 3 years.

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