Ten on Tuesday

It is Tuesday again!

1.  Spring is coming – it isn’t here yet, but I know it is coming because I heard it.  Saturday when I was running I was amazed by the noise that was around that morning.  Frogs were croaking, birds were chirping and there was so much noise in nature that it almost was louder than the cars that would pass.  Loved hearing spring coming.  Can’t wait for bud day (when all the trees seem to have their buds appear overnight like magic).

2.  Saturday I heard Owen present at a conference for the first time!  He did great and it fun to see him in his element.  He has sat through many many races for me, I was so proud to sit through his “race” today.  It was fun to have Lindsay there as well.  She helped out all day with registration, etc around the conference.

3.  Why do you think I love this picture?

Besides the obvious – It is Brett.  I love that he is upstairs on my bed.  Sunday morning, we headed upstairs with Brett for the first time since December 13th.  I loved seeing him snuggle, play and be upstairs.  He played with Becky in the bed.  He kicked a big blue exercise ball.  He was in heaven – some where new and different. 

4.  Started painting the kids upstairs bathroom a dark chocolate.  It is funny because the paint reminds me of chocolate pudding and somehow it seems like I am finger painting (okay I do get lots of paint on my fingers).  Dark paint truly takes two coats.   First one was put up yesterday and second is going up once the kids are at school.  Hopefully next week there will be photo’s of the completed room.  Right now the hallway is quite the disaster zone.

5.  Loved having Brett back in school last week and this week.  Life seems to be slowly returning to whatever normal is.

6.  At lunch with a new friend yesterday who just moved here from AZ.  How I don’t miss moving – but how nice it is that I know I have a family where ever I move to.  She doesn’t have the instant family of a ward and how hard that would be with your husband traveling and working crazy hours.

7.  I actually worked out with weights last Wed and Sat night.  Late at night and somehow all the exercises that I could remember from Monday only took me 15 minutes to do, but at least I was lifting.  It actually felt good and Becky helped me on Sat night and was great company.

8.  Sure miss my photography class.  I need to just get out and try to take more pictures just because.  Didn’t do much of that.  New item for my to-do list.  (if I actually wrote those down any more)  I was the queen of lists earlier in my life.  I loved to cross things off so I’d write down smile at people or be happy so I’d have more things to cross off.

9.  5 weeks til Brock comes home!!!!  Looking forward to spending time with him when he gets home.

10.  I have the most amazing family and husband.  SOOOOO grateful for a sister who loves me and will do so much for me.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.  Now how to do I get to do more things with my sisters and brothers.  Why don’t they follow me to Washington like so many followed me to AZ?

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Owen Allen says:

    Another great post! Thanks for visiting my talk in Redmond, and for the photos on your blog.

  2. Kari says:

    Thanks for being the best inspiration for me! You make me want to be better! Love the picture of Brett. Anytime you want to send him to AZ, we would be glad to take him off your hands!

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