Ten on Tuesday

1.  My kids bathroom.  I love how it turned out.  Amazing what new paint will do for a bathroom.  Still a few things to do, but I like how it is turning out.

Questions I have is – what kinds of pictures to put in the frames I bought for the wall above the towel hooks?  I have 3 frames (green, black striped and black/green geometric shapes) and not sure what to put in them.  Probably will bo black and white unless I can find pictures that have lots of chocolate, green or maybe even a little orange (that’s for you Karen).  Love to hear what you think.

2.  It was really raining one day.   I tried to figure out how to take a picture to show how much rain was really coming down.   Didn’t get what I wanted, but this is the best I could do – look at the road.

3.  I don’t have very many tv shows that I have to watch live (okay only one and I wait 15 so I can skip commercials).  Amazing Race!  Greg helped me get addicted, but even more fun is the fantasy league he does with his friends and they let me join.  Before the first show you try to guess who will go out first and so forth through the show.  Well, I am really good at bringing up the rear of the pack.  I actually picked last weeks team correct so I got a prize.  Green gummy frogs showed up on my door step.  Who ever wins the whole season gets to give out prizes the next season.  Loved that I won this week – not to worried about my chances of having to ever be the person who gives out prized each week.  Thanks Greg!

4.  I learned how to change a tire from my dad when I was 16.  I’ve never had to change one until we got our Jetta. I’m on tire number 2.  Didn’t even have to read the owners manual this time.

5.  The photo challenge this week was “what do you do to pamper or take care of yourself”.  I thought a lot about what I do for me.  Realized that I run for me.  Here was my photo entry.

6.  Owen was home on Thursday afternoon this week.  It was so nice to have him home.  Brett’s face on the bus when he saw Owen was priceless.

7.  Brock was safe and lived through the not quite as big as expected tsunami.  Glad that they are all safe in Hawaii.  Glad that Jeff made it home from Japan, before all the fun happened over there – mostly glad Jeff is home with his family.  Grateful to him and Heather for all they sacrifice to keep us safe.

8.  Best $1.50 I have ever spent at Home Depot.   We have been trying to find a way to get dried on window paint (4+ years old) off an upstairs window.  Nothing has really worked.

Nothing has worked well at all.  So I was at Home Depot and saw a display for this:

Figured it couldn’t hurt to try!   It is a miracle worker – okay it is a razor blade with a handy holding case – color green helps too.  I was able to clean that window very easily.

9.  Tried out my skills at using the sun as a backlight and getting a sun burst.  Haven’t had much of a chance to try this skill (see #2).   One day the sun was out and I tried it out on Becky when she was outside playing.  Still lots to learn (looking forward to summer), but here a couple of my favorite shots (love the look of the hula hoop –  also really hard to be lying on your stomach on the ground – sun wasn’t quite low enough – and have a moving body that keeps moving from your angle of the sun).

Sorry Becky – the face isn’t your best, but the rest of the shot was what I was trying to get.

10.  If you made it this far I’m impressed.  So I saved my most exciting news for last.  I can’t believe that Owen and I really did this, but after many calls to frequent flyer agents (when one didn’t get me what I wanted, I would call back or to a different frequent flyer program – Owen has 2 and had lots of miles on both) we are going to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean Ocean.  We fly into Paris (2 days ), fly to Rome (2 days) and then head out on a 12 night cruise to Naples, Athens, Turkey (Ephesus), Rhodes Greece, Israel (2 days), Crete and back to Rome.  We then fly back to Paris (overnight) and then fly home.  I still can’t believe it is going to happen.  We leave May 19th.  I still am in awe that we are doing it.  The cruise was an amazing price and flights were covered.  Hotels are covered so we are going to go for it!  Once in a lifetime trip and I get to spend it all with OWEN.  Can’t wait.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    Love the bathroom and the picture of becky hula hooping! What a fun cruise! Enjoy yourselves!!

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