Ten on Tuesday

1.  Spring is slowing coming.  Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite signs that spring it really almost here.

2.  Saturday night was our first dinner group with the 3 other couples that I talked about a number of weeks ago.  I was amazed how quickly it came and LOVED spending time with friends.  I know this will come a complete shock to all my siblings, but I ate 3 new things that night:  brussels sprouts (roasted – weren’t bad at all); some grain that I had never heard of and have no idea it’s name today; and a dessert with dates.  We had so much fun catching up with our good friends who we wave to often, but never seem to find the time to chat.  I am still not very good about pulling my camera out, but here is pic from a friends iphone – Melissa is my source of most my good meals (lasagna, chicken enchiladas, etc). 

3.  Have you checked out the moon?  It is closer now than in the last 18 years.  So I tried once again (tried once during a  photography class) to get a picture.  Needless to say, I must not have the same lenses as some people.  Here is my best shot from one morning as it was just getting light.

4.  Sunday our lesson was on charity.  One of the comments was that you should learn more about Christ if you want to pattern your life after him.  I’ve heard that lots of time, but thought good idea.  Then I thought how I wanted to make the most of our upcoming trip so I decided to read the New Testament prior to the trip.  7 pages a day should do it.  So far so good (okay 2 days down only 58 more to go).  Owen and I are doing this together across the country at this point.  It has been fun to share versus that jump out to us with each other.  I figured I’d report back here how I’m doing to put a bit of accountability on myself.

5.  Newest exercise equipment to add to our family.  A Bosu ball.   Creates killer core workouts.  Wed night I was using it in my room with  my cheerleaders (Becky and Brett) watching.  Becky said – Wow those are some hard exercises.  Brett just started to breathe heavy so I wouldn’t be the only one out of breath.  He felt my pain.  Love that kid.

6.  Last night we talked about Honesty for FHE.  I love this quote by President Gordon B. Hinkley.  “In our day, those found in dishonesty aren’t put to death, but something within them dies.  Conscience chokes, character withers, self-respect vanishes, integrity dies.  How cheaply men and women sell their good names!”

7.  Our good friends the Luvai’s are moving to St. Louis.  Our loss, St. Louis’s gain.  Becky made some brownies to take over on Sunday and we said are almost last good byes – lunch is scheduled for Thursday.

8.  Brock is home in just over 2 weeks!  How fun to have him around again.  We are hoping he finds a great job and can stay busy.

9.  Here are some crazy pictures – trying out the kaleidoscope pictures.

10.  I was able to run 6 days last week (first time in a long, long, long times).  This morning’s tempo run (which actually included a real hill) was a decent pace.  So nice to see that the running and core work is starting to pay off.

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