Ten on Tuesday

1.  Becky and her friend, Michelle, were in the school’s science fair.  I did a science fair with Brock and Lindsay – 8 or 9 years ago and have felt no need to do another one.  Becky’s friend’s mom wanted to know if Becky wanted to do one with Michelle.  I said sure and was very glad that Michelle’s parents did all the work on it.

2.  Wednesday was a sunny and warm day here.  I went out back with Brett and he wanted to swing for the first time since the surgery and after changing swings, not sure why one is better than another, Brett was in heaven.

3.  Becky and her friends were playing outside.  Here is what happens to Seattle kids when the sun comes out.

and then when their mom’s tell them to get out into the sun, they love to play tag (safe zones are the metal circles in the cul-du-sac – sewer and water caps).  They are great about letting Brett play and this was the first time I’ve seen him walking/running in his walker since the surgery (amazing how when the desire is there – he is able).

4.  Brett has an amazing love affair right now with Lindsay.  He loves it when she is home and around.  Here is a picture of him running to see her as she drove up.  This face is because I’m taking a picture – not because he is mad at Lindsay.

5.  Here is my bad mom story for the week.  First you need to understand that I NEVER have cash on me.  It has been a challenge to find $1 to pay Brett for doing the dishwasher, esp. when Owen is gone.  Well on Saturday, he started to empty the dishwasher, for which I was really happy.  I knew that I had no bills to pay him, I also knew that he didn’t have any idea how many dollars were under his pillow.  I walked to his room and took one from his mother load and then paid him with it.  He never knew and if comes down to him being down by one at the store – I’ll chip it in.

Just thought I’d show for memories what he keeps hidden under the pillow that is next to the pillow he sleeps on.

There you have it:  dollars he has earned; hotel key cards that Owen brings home to him;  Tic tac’s (never know when you will need one – actually Lindsay bought them when they went to the store a week ago); light up baseball ring (I have found the flashing lights on when I go and help him in the middle of the night); prayer rock he made in his primary class last week; and last but not least his favorite burp cloth not sure how much longer it will last. 

6.  We went to the Beaver Lake Middle Schools play of Hello Dolly.  Brett and Becky love to go to plays and I love Saturday afternoon matinée’s so that they can ask questions and we are not bothering the people around us.  Brett and Becky’s favorite part – Half time (okay we are a sports family) when they can go and spend their hard earned dollars for a snack.  Brett was so excited to go and get money from under his pillow he was willing to pay for Becky’s, but she had her own birthday money so was not needing the free buck at this point.

7.  After we went to the play, I had to make the copies of the bulletin for Sunday.  Brett and Becky came with me.  Needless to say after the bulletins were copied and folded, I got to sit and watch and most importantly CLAP after their performances (no camera so no pictures).

8.  I am anxiously waiting the guide books which I put holds on from the library along with some Rick Steves videos.  Very impressed – haven’t given up and used my amazon 2 day shipping.

9.  Still going strong with reading 7 pages each day.  I have loved exchanging texts with Owen about what our favorite verses have been from that day’s reading.   Friday night I had forgotten to read earlier in the day.  I had put Brett and Becky to bed and was waiting for Lindsay.  I was reading at the island and realized that I was falling asleep (image that me – falling asleep at 11pm).  I decided that if I stood, I’d be able to stay away a little better.  Not really so I resorted to Girl Scout cookies often to keep my eyes open.  Lesson learned – read in the morning!

10.  This week I purchased a work flow video of a photographer that I really admire.  http://erincobb.com/ThePigBear/    I really like the style of her photos.  I’ve seen so many different photographer and I have realized what style I like.  I wanted to learn how to edit in Photoshop like she does.  I had a hard time with why do you have to edit.  You should get the picture right in the camera.  I am still trying to get the image right in the camera along with trying to shoot more and more in manual mode.  I do like the way her work flow looks in pictures though.  Still have lots to learn, but really like that I can watch the video over and over to learn some of her styles and why she does what.

Here is an example of a before (straight out of camera = SOOC) shot and here is an edited on using her techniques.

this one has been edited

Also we made thank you  notes using a free template from http://www.ashedesign.com/shop/FREE-stuff/index.html .

Becky wrote on the back of the pictures (we sent them to Costco to be printed) and tied them up with the plates the girls had made (and we just got back yesterday).   Today she gets to deliver the plates.

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