Ten on Tuesday

1.  April Fools – I’m not a big prankster, I can count on one hand the tricks I’ve done on one hand.  One of Becky’s homework assignments was to make a food trick.  Becky picked to slice a banana without cutting the peel.  We learned a couple of things.  Needles and thread make great knives within bananas. 

 Give the banana to someone soon after you slice it, (overnight causes some nice brown marks).

2.  Becky had a piano recital on Friday night.  She played two songs and did a fabulous job.  It was fun to have her see the abilities of others are so that she can have a goal to work towards.

We are so grateful to an amazing teacher.

3.  Loved Conference this weekend.  Always excited to see which talk would be the talk just to “me”.  So grateful to a Heavenly Father who knows me, loves me and wants me to succeed in all that I am doing.

4.  Went shopping with Lindsay and Brett after Saturday afternoon session.  I have been looking at a great website  http://www.styleyourlifeblog.com/p/virtual-outfits.html .  I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to take with me on the trip to make it the least amount of luggage with the most variety.  I have a hard time trying to what goes together well.  This website gives me a start and Lindsay is the fashion eye for me, although Brett is pretty good.  Lindsay, Brett and I headed to my favorite store – Value Village.  I found 3 great cardigans there for me.  I kept looking a shirts, but didn’t want to buy my classic uniform (solid color short sleeve shirt).  Why do I always try to go to that?  Brett and I headed off to Kohls.  I tried on shirts and he gave me the thumbs up or down – he was quite on I must say.

5.  Sunday was the first Sunday since the beginning of January (9th to be specific) that Owen has not left on a flight Sunday afternoon or night.  It was so fun to have him home.  It was amazing to see the spirit (humorous and fun) that he brought to the night.  I loved sitting as we read scriptures  – spending more time laughing than reading.  It was a perfect moment and I felt – this is why we do all that we do – so we can be a happy family (all we need is Brock and it will be like old times).

6.  Brock comes home on FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!   Just a little excited – although that means I need to clean out his room which has done a great job of holding lots of extra boxes and cables left over from the office move.

7.  Sunday night Brett and Becky had a piano recital at home, complete with me needing to “buy” tickets and being shown to the recital room – all to benefit a good cause – Seattle Children’s Hospital.  I was able to hear great original pieces from Brett and Becky and loved the clapping at the end of each performance.

8.  Lindsay is back to having brown hair.  Cute as always.  We love having her home.

9.  Figured out for one night the best time to ask your kids to help clean up the house and have them do it.   Friday night Becky was stalling and not wanting to go to bed.  I told her the only way she could stay up was to help me clean up the kitchen and family room.  Happily she did a great job cleaning up.  SO now I know how to get them to clean!

10.  The day Brett has been waiting 4 months for.  He got permission from the doctor to ride his power wheels atv.  No real ATV’s for a while, but he got the green light for short (10 minute rides).  He was so happy coming home, but was very worried that the rain in Bellevue would be at our home also.  Fortunately it wasn’t raining and he got in 10 minutes of pure bliss!

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