Ten on Tuesday

1.  Brock is home.  It is great to have him home.  All the beds in the house are being used again!  Looking forward to seeing where he get a job.  Hopefully that announcement will be next week!

2.  Spring Break last week for the kids.  We did lots of swimming, dr visits, playing with friends and even got to go bowling.  Loved spending time with Brett, Becky and Lindsay.  Lindsay had the camera a lot last week and so not as many photo of us doing thing. 

3.  Why I never took pictures before.  I wanted to get some fun pictures of Brett and Becky swimming under water this last week.  I bought an underwater disposable camera.  ($20) Took pictures – no way of knowing it they worked.  Took film to get developed ($14 – I had them put on a dvd so that I could share them with the world – and one hour was $2 more than next day – I am not a patient person.  This was the best of the horrible horrible horrible pictures – thus why I never took pictures before.  I’d spend all the money on the film and developing and then they would turn out crummy.  Love digital so that I can correct myself on the stop.  (okay most the time I can correct myself)

4.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures Lindsay took.

5.  We painted and got Becky’s room done in Sept.  We made the “headboard” out of a canvas from Michaels.  Just got around this week to hanging it up on the wall.  If I had it to do over again, I’d go much bigger.  Looked big enough when on the ground, but a little small up on the wall.

6.  Here is my take on passwords.  Our home computer makes me change mine every 2 months or so.  It is often a challenge to think of a new one.  Sometimes it is things I want my kids to know (even though they never know the password) :  choosetheright.  Sometimes it is how I’m feeling:  i’mtired  (not a good one because everytime I logged on I realized that it was how I felt – trying to go much more positive).  Sometimes it is what is happening:  beckyis9.  Other times it is to help me start a new habit:  tenontuesday.  It was a great reminder to me all week that I got to write on Tuesday.  Now it is a fun habit for me to do and think about each week.  

7.  Saw a car today – sorry no camera in the car – that made me chuckle.  I was an old, really old volvo 4 door.  On top and on the back were 3 high end mountain bikes.  Loved that the 3 bikes cost more than the value of the vehicle which was carrying them.

8.  Nice to have Brock home so that when Owen is gone there is another adult to talk to in the house.  Brock is funny and loves to make us all laugh.

9.  We had every sort of weather last Wednesday April 8th.  We had sunny skies; rain; hail; snow (that stayed until noon on Thursday) and we had thunderstorms while it was snowing.  Where do I live?  New York?

10.  I figured that today would be my best chance to get a picture of me that I liked.  I got my hair cut (way to long since the last haircut).  I thought that my hair wouldn’t look this good for a while.  Only problem, I don’t look as good in pictures as I do in my mind – why is it always that way.   ( know it looks like it but no I didn’t hold my hands out and take the picture – Becky took it for me)

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Love the hair cut. love Lindsay’s photos. And I love the idea of the head board.

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