Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have loved spending time with the kids without the TV on.  Everytime I do, I wonder why don’t I do this more.  It is April and with April brings baseball season.  The Mariners are already out for the seasons – sooo sad.  But hopscotch baseball is alive and going well in our home.  Why is it that whenever I pull out the camera my kids run and hide.  Thank goodness Brett isn’t too fast yet (caught Becky’s heels as she dove for cover behind the couch).  Becky pulled out her indoor hopscotch game and it became the grounds work for our game.  Brett hasn’t lost any hand eye coordination.  His is so good we couldn’t throw it in the air, but had to roll it on the ground so that things on the mantel and bookcase would survive.   


2.  Brett during Speech on Wednesday morning went through the food ads and decided what he needed from the store.  He was thrilled to see that ham is on sale.  Ham is one of his all time favorites.  Cooked the ham up on Sunday to test out a new recipe for our Easter dinner.  How good is life for Brett – ham twice in a week.

3.  Thursday night I started a new photography class at Bellevue College Continuing Ed.  I looked at the ones offered and thought this sounded like the best next fit.  Well, I am going to be stretched beyond belief these next 5 weeks.  That is a good thing, but quite humbling.  Over half the class of 6 are photographers (or shooters as they call themselves) who have work up in shows around Seattle.  Yikes.  This week the photo assignment is people in public places (with the added assignment that they had to be strangers).  I was thinking okay, but then they said 7 – 10 pictures.  I use to take 200 or so pictures to get a good one for my class in the winter.  Hopefully I learned a few things and will not take 1000 + pictures.  I found that going to the regional park near our home (Marymoor Park) you can find adult sporting events to take great pictures of.  I happened upon a rugby match.  Brutal.  Here is my favorite picture from that match.  I’ll post my 7 – 10 homework assingments on Thursday.

3.  I have discovered why people take pictures of animals – they don’t care or can’t give you crazy looks.  I also discovered I needed Owen to be my guest caption writer for my pictures.

Here is the pegleg duck


Here is the headless bird taking flight.


Last but not least – Top Gun training school


4.  I have done the unthinkable.  What was I thinking at the time.  We now are the proud owners of a miniature hamster.  She is really cute.  Brett loves to play with her.  Becky and friends have figured out how to corner her and Lindsay was the mastermind behind overthrowing Mom’s no pet rule.  Crazy thing is they sleep all day and run on the wheel a lot during the night.  So much so that on Friday night I went downstairs to see who was moving the furniture.  She loved to climb back into the cage herself.


5.  Still making great progress in the New Testament.  I love that I am finishing John this week and it has been great to be so focused on studying the life of Christ as we approach this Easter season.  Looking forward to the trip is a understatment.

6.  Brock is home and still looking for a job.  Couple of leads but nothing firm yet.  He is walking and making all of us at home laugh (most of the time that is).

7.  This weekend was a sick weekend for the oldest 4 in the house.  Brock had an ear ache starting Thurs.  I had a sinus pressure Thursday – Sunday.  Owen had a cough and sore throat from Friday – Monday.  Lindsay had a sore throat from Thurs until today.  We are all almost on the mend.  After a very late night and another early morning trip to the urgent care – no strep only a nasty virus.  Hopefully more sleep for all tonight.

8.  Tried to learn how to do silhouette pictures tonight.  Not much luck there, but loved taking pictures of Becky when she was playing and Brett who is an amazing light saber master.  We had crazy weather.  First just a little sun poking out of the cloud, then lots of sun then little rain and then the hail came while the sun shown through.  Crazy.  Here are my favorites from tonight.  I need to wait for the sun to get a little lower to get better silhouettes, but the weather kept me from waiting until then.  So much to learn.

I figured how (pure luck) to see the rain coming down.  You can see it on the top of the pictures when the trees provide a good backdrop.


9.  Heading out this afternoon with my friend who is a great photographer.  So excited to learn from her and hopefully we find some great people to photography at  1pm in downtown Issaq.  Okay not really excepting quirky and strange, but who knows.

10.  Brett is going to school 3 full days this week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and still only half days since we are still swimming on Wed. and Thursday.  He is doing great and loving life to it’s fullest.

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