Pick the Winner Wednesday

A new weekly column!  I know you are all excited! For the next 5 weeks, each Wednesday I’ll be posting all the finalists for my photography class assignment.  I am suppose to pick 7 – 10 pictures to take in to show and to critiqued.  I figured I’d give you all the preview and you can be my impartical judges.  I’d love to get your feed back.  Either tell me which one to not include or tell me what ones I have to include.

Here goes nothing:  I’ll put them in order of when I took them so you will not know what way I’m leaning. 

#1 – Dad and boy on the way back to the car after going fishing

2.  No swimming

3.  Kayakers on Pine Lake

4. Dad teaching his son how to tell if it is a good rock to skip.

5. Saturday afternoon musician.

6.  Biker on the velodrome

7. Rugby at its best

8.  Rugby Huddle

9. Drop Kick

10.  Old women on bench

11. Biker with dog

12.  Old man walking

13.  Painters

14. Walking Mail Carrier returning to truck

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1 Response to Pick the Winner Wednesday

  1. Kari says:

    I have 3 favorites – Dad and son fishing, dad and son picking a rock and the first rugby one. The others were great too but those three i liked the best. The first two, because it reminds me of Bryant and Max and the third because I love the hand in the face and it is a GREAT action shot!

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