Pick the Winner Wednesday

I have to tell you I have learned tons about applying principles of photography this week.  I am amazed what it takes to get a picture of yourself to look good.  I don’t smile like Lindsay does – so naturally and pretty.  I have probably taken well over 600 probably more like 700 pictures (I’d set the timer to take anywhere from 1 to 10 (sports shots) on each click).  I’ve run back and forth a lot.  I have become a better photographer because of this week.  I hope I don’t have to take pictures of me any time soon.

Here are the ones I have narrowed down to think about taking to class on Thursday.   You might notice – no large size photos of me.

1.  My eyes ( like them better than my smile sometimes)

2.  I liked the sun burst in a circle around my head.  Not done in Photoshop.

3.  Attempts at a photo shoot  color version

4.  same shot b&W

5.  Photo shoot with a smile

6.  Different B&W photo shoot

7.  repeat of toes pictures

8.  Side mirror shot

 9,  Trampoline pictures (5 but let me know which one to include)

10.  Pine Lake Park

11. Where did I leave my cell phone? or Can you tell Brock is home.

12.  Photos Tuesday night with Lindsay at Folkman’s Dock (see didn’t take the pictures, but she was able to pose so I could copy or she could tell me to sit up straight, arm back, etc.)  She has great skills at posing and positions.

Thanks for helping me figure out which to use in my class.

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1 Response to Pick the Winner Wednesday

  1. Kari says:

    Okay here are my favorites in no particular order
    1,4,6,7, 2nd tramp one, 2 pine lake one (love the reflection of the lake) and last one at Folkman’s dock.

    I love watching your pictures get better and better! Makes me wish that I had a better camera.

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