5 on Friday – Brock

I thought on Friday’s I’d say 5 things about someone or something in my home.  Today it is Brock.  I thought I’d tell/show you changes around our home since Brock came home from college.

1.   Need I say more! 

 I’ve had 8 months off from cooking (since Brock and Owen were gone most the months from Sept til April), now I am cooking once again.

2.  Brock and Becky are my kids who take off their shoes upon entering.  For some reason, Brock’s size 13 shoes stick out or maybe it is that they take up more room than Becky’s.

3.  I have someone who helps me bring the groceries in from the car (again refer to #1).

4.  Nerf guns and their bullets can be found all over the house.  Brett loves to wait behind corners to “get” Brock.

5.  I love when every phone call (why is it that I talk to Brock more on the phone now that he is home than when he was in college) ends with “I love you”.  What more could a mom ask for than a 19 year old son who loves her and tells her that numerous times a day.  (He isn’t even asking for money!)


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1 Response to 5 on Friday – Brock

  1. Jill says:

    I LOVE the nerf gun picture – probably because I can hear Brock’s voice pretending to be surprised every time Brett gets him with nerf darts. He’s a good brother. Glad he is home and you are enjoying him!

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