Baseball Season Has Started!

This was a huge day for Brett.  I had wondered many times what today would unfold for him.  Back in January I was sure he’d make it.  By mid February, I was wondering if he’d be pushed around the bases.  But today it was all Brett and all RUNNING!

He loves baseball.   He has many important parts to his uniform.  He has his baseball hat, shirt, pants, belt, socks, batting gloves (gift from a buddies a few years back), batting helmet (another gift from a buddy), glove and most important of all CLEATS.

Brett is all about looking the part.  The batting gloves go in his back pocket, he doesn’t use them (really hard to get his fingers into the right holes).  He loves his helmet and always picks the bat with green writing on it (so glad he has grown enough to have it be the right size).  Most important to him are the cleats.  We had purchased some while visiting my folks a few years ago in Colorado from Goodwill.  He has been sad that they are too small.  My good friend Tamie (who has 4 kids and 10 pairs of cleats at her home) was willing to let him borrow some this season.  He loves them and boy do they make him fly around the bases.  The uniforms were late so we are playing in 2 year ago pants (amazing to see how much he has grown) and no “uniform” shirt.  Check back in two Tuesdays for the new look.

How this league works is that every player has a buddy.  They help them with hitting, fielding, running anything they need.  The buddy are member of the local rotary clubs, UW frat boys (they are great with the kids), or high school baseball players.  They are amazing and make the game so fun.  No one gets out.  Everyone scores a run.  You bat until you hit the ball or you can hit off the tee.  The kids love it and so does everyone watching.  I thought I’d show you the highlights from today’s game, but I saved my favorite picture of the day for my 10 on Tuesday to keep you coming back for more.

They start off by warming up with their buddies.  Check out Brett’s basketball shot hand and the amazing trick play he has throwing it into the glove of another player.

Then they divide into teams and Brett’s team was up to bat first.

Then he heads down the bases with lighting speed.

the turf is flying – It is the shoes!

It amazes me that Brett knows how to lead off 2nd and watches the hitter so he knows when to run.

Heading to 2nd with all the gears going full steam ahead.

Coming in to score

After they are up they get to go and play in the field.  To keep things fun after the ball is hit one of the buddies throws out 10 balls to all the players in the field so they can have a change to touch the ball.

It was a great day and Brett is ready for next week!  I am so grateful to people who are so kind and wonderful to him.

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2 Responses to Baseball Season Has Started!

  1. Karen says:

    That’s awesome. I love the buddy idea. He looks awesome in the cleats. Tell him he looks fast.

  2. Kari says:

    Love the smile on that boy’s face! Bryant said that he could bearing see his cleats because he was running so fast! He does look way tall in those pants! With we were there to see one of his games!

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