Pick the Winner Wednesday

I am a bit late getting this up today because I’ve spent all day long doing this weeks assignment.   Arrange items in your home.   What a different topic for me.  Spent lots of time wandering stores to find items to arrange (I know, I know, but once I bought them and brought them home there were in my house to arrange).  Really only found stuff for one which turned out to be a great teacher gift or friend gift.  I’m going to do a how post tomorrow about it.

Here are the pictures:

1.  My favorite chair in my living room.

2.  Edible Flower stems

3.  Sun spots

4.  Lunch the hamster sees

5.  Nativity throught the window

6.  Straws anyone?

7.  Can you tell I’m ready for May 19th?

8.  The big dipper

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3 Responses to Pick the Winner Wednesday

  1. Karen says:

    wow love than all. wish I could eat that sandwich!

  2. Kari says:

    i agree with Karen – Love them all. My most fav is the books with the Hat

  3. Nicolle says:

    ooh, i love the sun, the lunch, and the big dipper! And I loved your mother’s day post… some great advice!

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