5 on Friday – Mom

Today’s I am going to tell you 5 things about my Mom.  I know she doesn’t live in my home, but so much of who I am is her.  With Mother’s Day on Sunday I figured I’d tell you the great things about her.

1.  I remember my mom running 3 miles every morning growing up.  She didn’t run races, she didn’t run long runs on Saturday, but she ran every morning.  I remember when she was pregnant with my youngest sister Karen, she ran 3 miles a day but only one and a half miles the day Karen was born.  What a great and quiet example that has stuck with me (and all my sisters) to this day.  Many of us are morning runners.

2.  My mom lives what she preaches.  One of her famous lines was KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.  To this day, I know if I tell her something and ask her not to repeat it, it will go to her grave with her and no one else will ever know anything about it.

3.  My mom is an amazing women of faith.  She has a great deal of faith in Heavenly Father and in his plan for her and each of us.

4.  My mom can live on nothing.  She doesn’t need things or stuff to be happy.  She lives with what she has and doesn’t ever complain.

5.  My mom is the hardest worker around.  She took care of all the cows and animals when we were growing up. I remember thinking when we had a little land in NY and could have had animals – it was too much work knowing all my mom had done.  She loves to work  – splitting wood, in the yard, serving others, delivering cinnamon rolls or fulfilling her church callings no matter where in the world it takes her or who she is asked to serve.

Thanks mom for making me who I am today.  I have been truly blessed to be your daughter.

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2 Responses to 5 on Friday – Mom

  1. Karen says:

    totally stealing this idea! Sorry I didn’t get you any photos, I was out of town today

  2. Kari says:

    Thanks for this great idea!! love your thoughts on Mom! Have a fantastic mothers day!

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