Happy Mother’s Day

I thought I’d try to put down a tiny fraction of what I’ve learned after celebrating Mother’s Day as a Mom for 19 years.

  • Days are long;  Weeks seem to stretch on forever;  Months fly by and the Years disappear in the blink of an eye. 
  • Write down or record some how all fun and cute things your kids say and do because you will get old and your brain will start to forget those things you never thought you’d ever forget.
  • I’ve learned ( am still learning) to trust your kids even if you don’t think they deserve your trust.  It is critical for them to know you trust them.  It does wonders for both of you, most often because I learn that what I thought wasn’t accurate.
  • Learn to let your kids take the credit for their success and for their failures.  It is their life, not yours. Be the cheerleader and the supporter, but don’t be the director/producer.  Try not to be their critic.
  • Nothing is better than an I love you.  Take them however they come: texts, phone calls, a job done for you, waking you up from a nap to tell you about something that happened, smiles, hugs and actually saying it in person.
  • Spend time one on one and spend time together.  Don’t forget to spend time without your kids – you’ll be a better mom. 
  • Find something you love to do: learn it and let them see you loving to do your thing.  Continue to learn new things.
  • Last but not least be grateful that you have been given the gift of raising the amazing spirits who were sent into your home.  Heavenly Father trusted you enough to raise them and to teach them.  That is the greatest trust of all.

After my kids wake up I’ll take a picture of their happy smiling faces and post it later today!  This was all I got from my happy children who love to have their pictures taken.

I love being a mom to 4 amazing, incredible and really good kids.  I am also grateful beyond measure for 4 women who loved their child enough to want something better for them and allowed me to fulfill the greatest desire I had – that of being a mom.  Thanks to the 4 birth moms who each gave me a gift which I can never repay, but only try to repay by raising their child the best of my ability. Thanks a million and some day I hope to meet again or meet for the first time and thank you in person.  I hope they all know they are loved and have amazing kids.

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