5 on Friday – The plate rack

I thought I’d do something rather than someone this week.

1.  This is something that I love in my house.  My good friend Melissa gave it to me a couple of years back, as she no longer needed it. 

2.  I have lots of fun that next year or so finding plates to match each month.

3.  Realized that I now have 80 plates (some I had to buy a set of 4 rather than sets of 3) in my house that I never eat off.  How crazy is that.

4.  I store the plates upstairs in our above the garage storage.  It seems like I am really good about bringing them down, but a couple of times a year when I clean out the downstairs closet I find this.   

5.  Love that I can change the look of my front hallway and someday will be able to serve well over 100 people on plates if I ever had 3 or 4 dishwashers to fit all the plates.  Come on over!  We’d love to have you.

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2 Responses to 5 on Friday – The plate rack

  1. Karen says:

    If only Chris knew. He made me get rid of about 16 plates when we move. Love the plate rack

  2. Kari says:

    i love it! What a great decoration for the house! I am trying to think of where I could put one in my house!!!

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