The bags are packed!


Just wanted to let you all enjoy in our excitement to leave on our trip. 

I am very proud of Owen and myself in that we’ve each been able to pack in a carry-on size (with the expansion opened) suitcases.  We hope that will help us in our train connections in Europe.

Here is a picture of our suitcases packed and ready to go – well almost – wanted to show you how it looks on the inside too!


Here is a few shots which show my mix and match outfits for the trip.  Spoiler Alert: This way no outfit that shows up in my pictures will be a surprise.

Airplane Traveling clothes

Skirt for dinners and to wear around town.

Black skirt for around the town and for dinners.


My handy dandy coat that folds up into one of its pockets.

Brown capri's with yellow shirt, sweater if needed

Last two shirts and cardigan with tan and chocolate brown capri’s.
Black dress for the formal nights at dinner.

Thanks for indulging me by looking at my clothes for the trip! 

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