Ten on Tuesday

1.  I’ll be miss doing the 10 on Tuesdays for the next couple of weeks.  Don’t worry there will be plenty of action going on my blog as I try to post pictures each day from our trip.  Looking forward to getting away with Owen and seeing amazing sites which I have spent my life time learning and dreaming about!  I can’t believe it is really about to happen.

2.  Brett is loving baseball.  Here is my favorite shot from the game on Saturday.

Brett is having a bit too much time on his hand between hits.

3.  In our city there were 5 trees which were along the main road in our town which for some reason needed to have all the branches taken off.  The hope was that the city could have them carved somehow.  That never happened due to budget cuts.  A couple of citizens volunteers and paid for and knitted “sweaters” for the trees.  They had some up in the winter and then switched them out for the spring.  Rumor is that they have a summer line coming out in the next little while.  I got a couple of pictures while we waited for Brett’s post baseball hot chocolate from the drive thru.

4.  Saturday night we ran out of salt.  We got some wheat from friends who were retiring to St. George and didn’t want to take it with them.   My favorite part is that they use to include a container of salt (mortans carton) in each can of wheat.  Love it.  Usually we open up wheat to get the salt rather than get the wheat.  Owen had Brett and Becky help him grid the wheat.

5.  Sunday morning we made whole wheat pancakes.  Don’t have to eat too many of those to fill you up.  I tried to help out the taste with lots of strawberries and whip cream.   Don’t think we’ll do 100% whole wheat anytime soon.  We’ll try with 50/50 next, unless you have a can’t live without recipe.

6.  Owen has been home again this past week and I am loving getting use to having him here again.  I know it will change in June again, but loving it while it lasts.  We went out for lunch on Friday and it has been a long time.  Can’t wait for Thursday.

7.  Brett got new braces for his feet.  His feet have grown so much in the past 8 months.  Wow – with the braces he is now a size 9 foot.

8.  Saturday I did my 3 runs in 24 hours for an upcoming relay in June.  I don’t know my distances yet, so I used my distances for the July Ragnar (knowing they’d be longer).  I made it!  3rd leg was really slow and I didn’t do the terrain (found the flattest I could), but nice to see I could do the distance (15.4 miles).

9.  Brock has a job!!!!!  AMC movie theatre in Factoria called him back today.  He is still waiting to hear back from his background check so he can work at ToysRUs.  Hopefully between the two jobs he will get a bunch of hours to keep him busy (next two weeks not quite so busy).

10.  Sunday we had a lesson on talents at church.  It was fun to think back and be reminded how many talents I have gained because of callings that I had.  I also am a huge believer that you should always be learning. I have had fun in the past 4 years taking classes about things I wanted to take: how to make gift baskets, how to wrap gifts, photography classes.  I keep trying to get a card making class, but it never seems to work, but I’ve bought lots of how to instruction sheets and have made them the items.  I love to find something that I didn’t know I could to and learn how to do it!  Find something new and go learn how to do it!  It doesn’t have to cost you anything at least 20 people have got to have a blog about it!  🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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