Roaming Around Rome

With a day in each city we get to hit the top 4 or 5 spots if we are lucky.  We have a day and a half here so we are hoping to cover a little more.

Today’s plan was to go to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and then see what else we could get to.

We are learning alot about trains – we didn’t get on the wrong trains today – just that schedule is what we’ll call as flexible.  We headed to the train station this morning.  While we were waiting we met another couple and their college age daughter from PA who were headed into town also.  After waiting 15 past the scheduled train time we bailed and shared a taxi ride into town to the Metro.

We went to the Colosseum and it just so happened that there was a Race for the Cure going on in the streets surrounding us.   We had a great view to watch them come by. I’m not sure how many but there bib numbers were up to 50,000.  We stood in line for 30 minutes and there wasn’t any slowing down of people walking by.  3 1/2 later they were no longer walking.

We walked to Palatino to buy out tickets thanks to Rick Steves tip – along with all the other Rick Steves readers (30 min wait vs 1 hour).  We were able to see guide books out in people’s hands.  Rick Steves has a definite market share.


Entrance to Palatino Hill

We got the audio tours and loved it.  There is so much history (imagine that for a place which is over 2,000 years old).  After 3 hours we had gotten through 15 of the 31 info spots.  We had hit how much more we could learn and it was getting very warm.  It was a beautiful day.  Blue sky’s, a few clouds in the sky and warm.  We drank lots of water and had to help out the local economy and eat Gelato twice!

This was the senate building.  We learned really quick that building which became churches had a much better chance of survival than building which weren’t.

Loved the story that went along with this arch.  It had been built by someone (I don’t have the audio guide any more – so my memory remembers the stories, but not the names, places or dates).  Their relative a number of years later didn’t like what they had carved into the arch so they rewrote what they wanted it to say.  Look at the 3rd line from the bottom and you should be able to see the recarving.  Loved that little bit of info.

This next pictures a stature of a vessel virgin.  

The green area in the next picture is where the vessel virgins lived.  This and the next pictures or pictures of the Roman Forum over looking it from Palatino Hill.  When you look at these pictures you’ll see why having an audio guide, guide book (we didn’t have room to pack that many different cities) or a guide make all the difference.  Otherwise it is just a bunch of rocks.

This is looking up into the top of a current day church which used to be a building (probably a temple – meaning more a tribute to someone) in the day.

Hard to imagine that this wall painting could really be 1000’s of years old.

Old water dripping in an old grotto.

Sometimes I really liked to see the “new” things that were in such an old place.

mom and her baby birds

Purple flowers across a walkway

You could see great views of Rome – this one is looking in the direction of St. Peter’s and our hotel.

 We then headed to the Colosseum. It was great to go and see something that we had seen pictures of, hear about, read about, watched in movies (okay Owen – not me) and looked forward to.

It was fun to try to imagine being there in the day.  It was a hot day and we didn’t have the place packed at all.  It is an amazing site to see.

Here is the Arch that is between the Colosseum and Palatino Hill.

Wanted to leave you with one last pictures of the Colosseum.  (notice the blue, blue skies – no photoshop – this was the real deal).

We wanted to eat some famous Italian pizza so we headed to Plaza del Popalo – to see another landmark of Rome.  We took the Metro and found a great little pizza restaurant.  While enjoying our breakfast/lunch/dinner – it started to rain (hard to imagine with how blue the sky had been).  We laughed that we had questioned if we needed our raincoats and decided against it, but knew we could handle it (Thank you Seattle!).  We walked around the Plaza and down the streets.  I would have loved to take pictures of all that was there, but didn’t want to take my camera out in the rain.

Hawkers crack me up.  We’ve had experience with them in the past (Tiananmen Square is the worst so far) but their ability to change modes was amazing.  They had sun glasses and hats to sell when it was sunny.  Then in the rain – they were all over with umbrellas.  Nothing can stop these buys.  Owen still has great bargaining skills.

We decided to head back to the hotel in hopes of sleeping tonight.  Heading back on the Metro to the train.   We got off the Metro and our friends from the morning we heading back to the hotel also.  We got to the train station about 15 min before the next scheduled train.  1 1/2 hours later a train finally came.  It was great to get to know them better.

View from our hotel room – St. Peter’s

To complete the day we rounded it out with another gelato.  How we love our A/C in the hotel room.

Thoughts about Rome:

*  I love the Phrase  Oo, La, La and how the French and Roman use it as part of every day language.

*  Italy’s architecture is not as ornate as Rome’s.  It is harder for me to find fun building, and when I did it was raining.

* Italian are very helpful.

* Loved being a history Geek.

* Love to look out my window of the hotel and see a park full of trees and the dome of Sistine Chapel.

* Love being with Owen and great full still for amazing kids who doing great at home (at least that is what they tell us).

*  So glad that I started taking photography classes in Jan.  It has made taking the shots that I see in my mind much easier to have look like it the camera.   Still learning, but doing great. We are hoping that tomorrow we’ll be able to go to the Vatican Museum and visit the Sistine chapel prior to heading to Civitavecchia to get on the cruise.

Loved the day with Owen

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2 Responses to Roaming Around Rome

  1. kindy says:

    Did you like the pizza? Glad to see that you liked the Gelato! What flavors. ALso glad to hear that the Italians are nice. I must have forgotten to warn you that the trains are slow in the south.

  2. Greg says:

    Sounds like so much fun. Tell us about the food.

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