Rome and the Boat

Rome and the Boat

We woke up early to go and wait in line for the Vatican Museum (we were number 5 in the no ticket line – groups could go in starting at 8, but we didn’t get to go in until 8:45).  We had lots of fun talking with the groups who were also camping out with us that morning. There was a college group from Michigan.  A retires couple and 2 girls who had almost finished a 2 month Europe trip.  When they let us in we went as quick as we could past many many tour groups so that we could see the Sistine Chapel prior to complete wall to wall people.  It was amazing.  Unbelieve to think about how much time and talent went into that.  We then headed back for the Raphelle (I know I can’t spell) room and again were amazed.  While walking through the museum it was amazing how many works of art they had.  We spent about an hour and a half in the museum.

We headed over to St. Peter’s square.  I was taken back by how HUGE it is.  Amazingly huge.  The line to get into St. Peter’s Bacllica was almost all the way around the exterior of the square (which is really  more a circle shape incase you were interested to know).

Walls surrounding the Vatican.


Swiss guards protecting the Vatican.

We found a fun restaurant to eat sandwiches (love the bread) and owen tried a Mint slushy.  Their mint tastes much different than a mint milkshake.  I have learned to ask for flat water.  Even if I ask for tap water they will still bring a bottle of water, so it is safer to just ask for flat (rather spirited water – I don’t like carbonation).

Apartments in Rome

We headed back to our hotel to grab our bags and head to the boat.  The hotel shuttle driver stopped at a place where we could buy our tickets on the way back to the hotel since we were the only ones on board.

We took the trains to the boat and got on.  It is the same class of boat as the one we went on with the kids, but there were a couple of differences.   There was an amazing sun break and sunset.

Here is a picture of our room.


  •  Rome has got to be the only place where a Smart Car seems like a full size car.
  • I have to admit that my favorite part of our cruise with the kids was to be able to all eat dinner together.  Dinner’s food was great, the other couples were nice, but I sure missed eating dinner with my kids.  I don’t think the dinners will have the same amount euphoria that they did when it was with my kids.  At least my kids will know I will miss them at least once each day during the cruise.
  • Train rides in packed trains with luggage is a bit tricky.
  • I found some areas of Rome that were nice, but surprised how much of Rome is much dirtier than I expected.
  • One of the biggest surprises of this trip is what great people we are able to talk to while waiting for something (trains, museums).  It seems like each day we are able to make friends.
  • Greg asked to say more about the food.  We really only are eating one meal out each day – and it is usually lunch or a late lunch so we are getting more of the basic’s – pizza and sandwiches – which are great.
  • The locals are still very helpful.

Ciao!  And see you tomorrow in Naples

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