Soreal Sorrento

We woke up to the most amazing sun rising over Naples with Mt. Vecuvious off to the right.  

It was a beautiful morning.  We had decided to try to visit Sorrento which is the start of the Amalfi Coast (and the last stop for the train).   We headed out of the terminal to go to the train station a mile away (Owen has  a couple of blisters) and we wanted to see how much a taxi would be (with hopes of saving Owen’s feet for later – not walking through a port section of town).   Let me tell you that when you walk out of the secured “pier” area people (taxi drivers, tour guides, you name it) are there reminding me of all the birds in Nemo saying  “mine, mine, mine, mine”.  They tried talk us into letting them drive us to Pompeii (only 70 euro’s – good deal today (they didn’t really say that, but that was what I was thinking)).  We kept telling them only to the train station.  When the realized that we wouldn’t go to Pompeii with them they agreed to the train station for 10/15 Euro’s  (for a mile we think not).  We walked across the street bought a ticket from the newspaper/magazine stand that would give us the bus ride to the train station, the train to Sorrento and back for 12 Euro’s each.  We were feeling quite good.  As we were standing waiting for the next bus – a couple came up and they were headed to Pompeii (same train).  We were able to figure out our way together (with only one missed bus stop and one wrong train).  They got off at Pompai and we headed onto to Sorrento   Naples that we saw is a very very dirty , graphite, run down city.  It was interesting to see that as we got closer and closer to Sorrento it got nicer and nicer.  The train ride should have taken an hour.  Us  just a bit longer.

When we got to Sorrento we were in love.  It is the Italy I expected, the nice clean and charming. 

The streets here were very very narrow.  

The marinas were cute and colorful.

I loved their “beaches”.  A pier with lounge chair and totally cute changing rooms. 

We walked around town and soaked up the feeling of the town.  So different than Paris, Rome and esp Naples.  We ate lunch at an outside café.  Since I hadn’t had pasta yet and knew it was our last meal in Italy I got penne pasta and Owen got seafood Linguine.  It was wonderful.  They had a salty almost pretzel bread which was memorable, love to find that somewhere in the states.    We found more really narrow roads and explored more of Sorrento.  Never being disappointed by the view.  Prior to heading back on the train we found a wi-fi spot if you by something.  We had to buy something so we got fresh fruit with cream poured over it.  It was fabulous.  Check out Owen’s facebook for the picture of it.

We headed back to Naples on the express train.  It also happened to be the “school bus” for a number of high schools.  Kids are the same everywhere, just speak a different language and there were no blonds here.  We took the bus back and made it back to the ship with time to spare.


  •  Love the charm of business on the bottom and apartments on top.  It is great to see it all over Europe.
  • Grateful for the great care that Owen takes of me.
  • Almost feeling like I could survive on busses and trains.  We’ll see how we do in Athens on Thursday.
  • Love little beach town whether in the states or other countries (okay cute beach town ) and Sorrento is defiantly on of them.
  • Amazed at how Naples is nothing that I would have expected.  I couldn’t believe is as dirty as it is.  Rick Steves warns you about pick pocketers, etc. Didn’t see any or get anything stolen, but I am glad out boat is only here in the day time.
  • Missed out on the Naples pizza (had some in Rome) but got a great fruit salad – I’ll call it even.
Tomorrow is an at Sea day – so I’m hoping for some sleep and a good run.
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1 Response to Soreal Sorrento

  1. Greg says:

    No pizza in Naples? That is like going to Buffalo and not getting wings or Rochester and not getting a white hot. Only times a million. But you did get pasta, and that is a must.

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