Sea Day #1

It was nice to have a sea day to rest from our trip so far.  It gave Owen a chance Owen’s to rest his feet in hopes that his blisters would get better and that his cough would improve.

I woke up and saw land out our window.  Our window was on the ocean-side so we wondered what land it was.  We looked up on the monitor and saw that it was Sicily.

I took a couple of pictures and then headed up to see if I could still run.  For the first time in a week.  It was an amazing view – watching the sun coming up over Italy.  On one side of the boat I’d see Italy and on the other , I’d see Sicily.

After a great run, I headed out with my camera to take pictures of a mostly empty, still early in the morning, ship.  This one is the Mariner of the Seas.  Owen and I headed out to breakfast followed by a lecture about our upcoming port calls, Athens, Ephesus and Israel.   Later we ate lunch.  I went to a jewelry making class.  After that I went to the ice skating show, always lots of fun and great.  It had been pretty windy during the day so I was glad to see that there was a little time to go and grab a lounge chair and grab a few minutes of sun, with a nice breeze so I was never really hot.

Dinner on the boat was great as usual.  I must say that my buffet eating strategy has
changed.  I use to pick up a plate and go to a station to see what they have.  Now I walk along the entire row and rows of food to see that all my choices are prior to picking up a plate.

Looking forward to a great day in Athens.

Here is your boat tour.

Grand Promade – inside the boat mall area.

View from the Front of the boat

serious wake behind the boat – how many waterskiiers could this pull?

The running track – 5 times around for a mile.

Pool side

Climbing wall

Self portrait

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