Remarkable Rhodes

I was saying to Owen how blessed we have been.  Each day seems to hold new wonders and continues to exceed our best expectations.  Today was no exception.

The view of “old town” in Rodos (the town on the island of Rhodes) from the boat. 

As we got off the boat at the Northeast tip of the island of Rhodes (Rhodos), we really didn’t have a good plan of exactly what we wanted to do or go and see.   Near the port is what is called the Old City.  It is old city that is filled with lots of shops to spend your money.  While we wanted to look around Old Town, we really wanted to actually see the island.

While we were waiting to meet Hakim and Julia, I took a photo of the taxi cost schedule that was at the entrance of the port.  I love having a zoom lens and then a zoom on the camera.  We were able to see the main places that the taxis would take you, and how much they would charge. 

We had also looked over all the excursions that the ship offered, and read a bit about Rhodes on the internet.  So we knew that a town called Lindos was a
desired place to visit.

We headed over to talk to some taxi drivers about taking us.  They wanted a lot more than we wanted to pay and were not willing to come down (they wanted 35 Euros each for a round trip).  We walked away from the first group knowing more would be just around the corner.  No luck with the next set of taxi drivers.  We got them down to 30E each, but still no good.  We saw a car rental agency across the street and figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.
Owen had looked up last night and we thought that a car rental was around 85 Euros.  This place would rent the 4 of us a car for 50 Euros.  Sounded great to us.  They circled places on the map for us to stop and visit.

We headed out of town and our first stop was the Tsampika Monastery.  It was a tiny monastery on top of a huge hill. 

This picture was taken on our way back from Lindos and only shows the top part of the hill.

We were able to drive a 2/3rd the way up (first gear up).  Then we climbed 305 steps to the top.  

The view was incredible.  So beautiful and breathtaking.  Our pictures can’t do it justice, but believe me it was worth the hike and the car rental with our first stop.  This was not a taxi tour stop nor a boat bus tour stop.

View looking towards  Rodos.

Looking towards the center of the island.

The view looking toward Lindos.

The view looking straight down.

Here is the entry to the Monastary.

Here is a painting on the inside wall.

The flooring – all done with small rocks.

The bell at the monastary.

Owen at the top with an amazing view.

The locals at the monastary.

After enjoying the grounds and the walk back down we headed to Lindos.  We had been told that it was  a Greek town that you would expect to find on a Greek island.  We were not disappointed. 

This is us with Lindos in the background.

A picture of our rental Fiat – we haven’t been in a fiat since the first year of marriage (remember Owen’s red fiat – fix it all twice).

We found a parking spot near the beach a bit below where the busses and taxi’s drop off their riders. 

We started heading to go and visit the Acropolis of Lindos.   We were going down small side streets and turns. 

It was so fun to be in such a different place.  We found the path that the donkeys take as they give tourists rides up to the Acropolis from the main square.  We walked up (nothing of a hike after our hike to the monastery) and entered into the Acropolis. 

A ship carved into the wall of the Acropolis.

As we made our way to the top part the view
of the city and the ocean around become more and more incredible. 

Looking out from the top of the Acropolis.

Roof tops of the town of Lindos.  See the little rooftop restaurants – we started on one of those until the rains came.

Looking out toward the south.

Looking north through some of the restored acropolis.

I loved standing at the top with the sun shining the wind blowing and seeing all you could see as far as your eye could see.  Again, so hard to describe with words, but utter amazement is the best way to describe it.  I couldn’t help but be incredibly grateful for all the Heavenly Father has given me.   I can’t begin to imagine all that he has promised to bless me with, but
knowing it is better than anything here on earth, I can’t wait, because he has created amazing views here.    The longer we stayed up on top the more you could see the storm clouds heading over the land and towards us.

We knew that our typical rain at lunch was coming so we started down to the town to look for a place to serve us some Greek food.  We didn’t go back down the donkey way (figured we’d try the other way since there wasn’t much food on the donkey path way).   I had been pleasantly surprised with the lack of tourist shops on the way up.  Loved it, in fact.  We discovered that the regular way up and down was filled with streets and streets and streets of shops and restaurants (so glad we missed them on the way up).  We stopped at Stephanie’s Place.   I had a chicken gyro.  Totally amazing – so much better than anything in the states  – imagine that.  Loved it.  Owen had grilled chicken which was good, but not  – wait for it – – legendary.

Following lunch we headed back to Rodos to turn in the car and visit the Old Town.  The Old Town was cute and charming.  It had old buildings, twisting alleys and streets that were fun to look at. 

We were glad to experience it and looked in a few shops.  I took a bunch of photographs.

We then headed back to the boat.  Here are a couple shots of the harbor decor.

Hakim had told us that Greece is Europe and you can look across and see Turkey, which is part of Asia.  It is where you can see Europe and Asia across the water.  Now you have seen it also.

Owen and I are still amazed that we are having this opportunity.   It has been incredible.  Tomorrow, Sunday, we have a sea day so are looking forward to relaxing, resting and I am hoping that I’ll be able to finish the New Testament.  We are looking forward to Monday and Tuesday in Israel.

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  1. I like your pictures of Lindos. I stayed there for a few nights last year and it was a lovely place especially in the evening when the crowds left and the little streets quietened down. I visited the Acropolis late one afternoon and almost had the place to myself. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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