Sea Day #2

Today has been a very relaxing day.  We have tried to make it as much like a Sunday as we can.   We were able to meet with the Israeli Immigration officers to be able to get a visa to visit Israel on Monday and Tuesday.  There was a lecture about the history of Israel.  One
thing that I have realized is how sometimes I forget that Jerusalem was part of the old and new testament.  Unless I remember, I have a hard time putting the two histories on top of each other and remembering that parts of the old testament happened there also.  For example, Mount Moriah, where Abraham was commanded to take Isaiah to sacrifice him, is in Jerusalem.   This has made me realize that I need to think two deep not just one deep.   There was also a lecture about modern day Israel to help prepare us for tomorrow.

We were able to eat lunch on the boat with one of the couples from our dinner table.  They live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  They are Mennonite (not the bonnet type).  I didn’t realize that there were various divisions within their church.  It was great to get to know them better.  He works in the Lexus assembly plant and she is a RN.  She has spent 3 weeks 4 times a year going down to Haiti to help rebuild a hospital ER room there.  Great people.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with me trying to finish my goal of reading the NT prior to our visit to Jerusalem.  I am happy to say that I made it.  It has been great to read it this time.  I have read it much faster than ever before and it always amazes me how when you read things fast you see more of the ebbs and flows rather than short choppy sections.

I am loving spending time with Owen.  It is great to have this chance.  So glad to have amazing kids who are helping us have this opportunity.  Brock is anxiously awaiting his mission call.  He hopes for Tuesday, but we’ll see if the holiday on Monday causes him to have to wait until Wednesday.

The scene outside has been the same all day long – blue skies and amazingly blue water.

Heading to bed early so we will be ready for our two 12 hours+ days of touring.  Most of our other days have been 7 or 8 hours of touring.
Loving it!

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1 Response to Sea Day #2

  1. Koni says:

    I am LOVING reading all of your posts!! Make sure you eat a shwarma in Israel (it’s like a gyro) for me and don’t forget to look for Tola candybars in Israel! Have a WONDERFUL time there!!! I hope you get to go to the Jerusalem Center – I was in room 505…

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