Five on Friday

Well after spending the last three weeks with my best friend and helping him celebrate his birthday in Turkey, I wanted to focus on Owen today.  The hard part will be to keep it to 5 points.

  1. When we first got married, I fell into thinking I needed to make sure I being doing exactly what Owen wanted.  I would want to run all the decisions/choices past him.  One of the best things he ever did for me was to tell me that wasn’t the person he married.  He wanted me to have opinions and be self sufficient.  Be me – not who I thought he wanted me to be.  I am sure there have been days in the last 22 years (he turned 44 so he has now been married longer to me than single!) where he probably wished I wasn’t so much me – but I love him dearly for wanting me to be ME!!!
  2. He is my biggest cheerleader.  There have been very few races where he hasn’t been there driving or sitting in his camping chair waiting for me to run/bike/swim by.  He has also been there encouraging me to try new things and is always supportive of new hobbies or ideas I’m trying.
  3. He loves to explore and travel as much as I do.  He is always willing to find a way to make it work.
  4. I love that he can make me laugh.  He has the best sence of humor and helps me to always lighten my mood.  Dinners and family times are so much lighter when he is around.  The kids and I love how he can help to make life so much  more fun and enjoyable.
  5. Owen is the smartest guy I know.  Not only book smart – but he has a way of understanding the real problem and getting at the principle that needs to be changed not just the symptom or behavior that is being exhibited.

Owen sent me this link this morning.  I had already knew that I was going to put him on my blog today, but this list below is exactly what I was thinking about.  I highly recommend reading it!

Here is the part I liked the best
Wanted: Best Friend

Prospective candidates will:

  • Make me feel good about being me.
  • Affirm my best qualities (especially when I am feeling insecure)
  • Call out the best in me, and hold me accountable to the best version of myself.
  • Listen without judging or trying to fix me.
  • Give me the benefit of the doubt.
  • Extend grace to me when I am grumpy or having a bad day.
  • Remember my birthday, favorite foods, music, and art.
  • Know my story and love me regardless.
  • Spend time with me, just because they enjoy my company.
  • Speak well of me when I am not present.
  • Serve me with a joyful spirit and without complaining.
  • Speak the truth to me when no one else will.
  • Never shame me, diminish me, or make me feel small.
  • Become excited about what I am excited about.
  • Celebrate my wins!

She says exactly what Owen is to me!

Love you Owen and here’s to eternity together!  Thanks for making me be better and the person I am today.

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2 Responses to Five on Friday

  1. Kari says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for being a great example to me a what a fabulous couple should be!! You guys are our hero!!

  2. Kari says:

    PS – Owen does have one of the most contagious laughs I have ever heard! It saved me many times in the Man Van!

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