Ten on Tuesday

1.  We finally cleaned out our garage on Saturday.  It was great to have everyone out helping.  We borrowed our friends truck and filled it up once with items for the dump.  Our second load was a donation run.  For anyone who has taken out garbage in my house in the last few years you’ll be amazed at my garbage can area now.


2.  Knowing that we had a dump run and the use of a truck (one of the few times I’ve missed my suburban in the last 9 months), I got onto Craigslist on Saturday morning in search of kitchen table chairs.  I struck gold.  I found someone who would sell me the chairs alone (most only wanted to sell with their table) and there are 6 and they are in great shape.  So after our two dump/donation runs, Brett hopped up into the truck and helped me bring home new chairs.  We now have matching chairs – no more eclectic shabby (really shabby – wobbling a lot) country chic in my  kitchen.

3.  Brett’s baseball season ended.  He had a wonderful time.   I still have my favorite picture from the first game that I loved.  I think it sums up “the buddy” system perfectly.


love how Brett is looking at him as much as he is encouraging him.

 4.  My new cell phone.  My kids think I’m a technological dinosaur.  I can’t get an upgrade phone and the next option is Lindsay’s phone in July or when Brock leaves on his mission in July his phone will be available.  So i was totally unwilling to buy a phone now.  So I bought the $10 no contract phone option.  It is amazing how my new phone just sent me back 5+ years in my version of phone technology.  I now have to push the number pads to text a message.  I couldn’t figure out how to get a space so I had to write my text to Lindsay as one long word.  Boy my kids are so impressed with me.  Brett on the other hand thinks it is “CUTE”.  I think he is secretly hoping it will be his some day. 

5.  I have a relay race this weekend with the team from Washington that I have run with for now the 6th year.  We are running in the Prelay (Beaverton, OR – Eugene, OR).  It will be a unique experience only 47 teams have signed up (The rest of the teams must be in UT for Ragnar’s granddaddy of their series).  Needless to say I am not expecting to see many other runners while I am running.  I’m runner 7 so at least at the exchange where we start there will be 2 vans and 12 other people – rather than 1 van and 6 people.

6.  Kids get out this week from school.  Looking forward to time with them (hence – I’m going into work at 7am so than hopefully I can be home by 10 or so).  One draw back to my jet lag is that my kids are getting put to bed rather early (comparatively) so the seem to be waking up much earlier.  I really want them to sleep in so the TV isn’t on quite as long in the mornings.

7.  Saturday and Monday were beautiful days and we were outside.  Brett is using all available means of transportation (green ATV, 2 wheeled bike and/or walker).  We are bringing home his blue trike tomorrow from school so we’ll add a 4th choice to his mix – good thing we cleaned out the garage.

8.  Loved having Owen home this last week.  He is back in CA for the next two weeks and only home briefly the next two weekends. 

9. Saturday morning I was on an early morning longer run with my neighbor Tamie Ard.  We were running through a very  nice neighborhood which homes back up to a golf course on both sides of the road.  The Ease side the golf course backs up to a County park – lots of trails for mountain biking and running.  We were chatting away when I saw a really big and bushy dog running from the back yard across the front of a home on the west.  I soon realized that the dog wasn’t the biggest sheep dog I’d ever seen but a black bear running with a garbage sack in his mouth.  The bear crossed the street and ran through the back yard on the east and I’m guessing across the golf course back to his homes in the woods.  I have learned a couple of things – why do I always run with people who are faster than me. (just kidding – I’m thrilled to run with Tamie)  I just need to get faster – than and running through the woods/trails isn’t very high on my list right now.  They have signs posted about bears and once Julie and I saw tracks while running, but this was my first bear and I’m hoping it is a least 11 more years til I have another one.

10.  I am so grateful for all the blessing which I have.  I love my kids and am so proud of them.  Owen is my best friend.  I love where I live, esp in the summer months.  I have amazing friends.  I have the gospel in my life.  I have great siblings and parents.  LIFE IS GOOD.

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