Five on Friday – Family Favorite Games

1.  Chess right now is really big with Becky.  She will challenge who ever will play her.  She has stopped asking me (I’m too easy to beat) and she is 1 of 3 with Brock.   Owen can still beat her – so in true non-competitiveness of our family she is going to the library to get chess books.  Brett is really fun to play Chess with.  Basically his guys can move anywhere on the board they want and he delights in taking out your guys.  My kind of chess.

2.  Ticket to Ride is my all time favorite.  It is a board game where you have destinations which you have to create using color card railroad segments.  Most people who have visited us have played this with us.   If you haven’t, come on over!

3.  Blokus – another game which we love.  It is a visual game that Owen usually wins.  I like it because Brett can play with us and it doesn’t “mess” up the game, but it is still a real game for the others playing.  I’d think Becky started playing when she was 6 or 7.

4.  Cadoo – gives you the mix of pictionary, charades, sculpturing, etc.  Great family game.  We play it as long or as short was we want.

5.  Carcassonne – tile game where you play a tile and it builds the board.  Lots of different variations to pick from and every game is different.  Owen still usually wins this game too. 

I realized we have lots of games we like so I’ll save those for another 5 on Friday.

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3 Responses to Five on Friday – Family Favorite Games

  1. Karen says:

    just watch Kris very carefully when you play ticket to ride. but even with that that game is the best!

  2. Kari says:

    We love 5 crowns – it is a card game and we also like Bang – it comes in a bullet shape container and it is a like a western movie with a sheriff, deputies, outlaws and renegades! next time we see you guys, we will bring it! I also love blokus too!

  3. Kris says:

    I have never heard of either of those Kari, I’d love to try them. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Karen – I have repented remember – Hope you have forgiven and FORGOTTEN (just kidding). I’d play you anytime.

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