Ten on Tuesday

1.  The kids are out of school!  How I love summer.  So far so good on summer “work” for Becky.  She has done it two days in a row.  If we make it til next Tuesday it will be a family record I’m sure.

2.  I am trying to figure out how to get all that needs to get done, done.  Starting a new job (very part time), get caught up with life after being gone, leaving for a race, etc. makes for crazy life right now.  I’m hoping that life has slowed down and that I can get more done around the house this week.

3.  Brett braces are FINALLY correct (after 6 weeks of adjusting and 3 different pairs).  It is great to see him walking around and getting taller and taller.

4.  Stationary wheelchairs and moving toes are not a good combination.  Esp. on a race week.  All was fine for the race.

5.  I love to listen to Becky practice her piano.  She had one song that need a bit of a jazz beat and I wasn’t much help with that.  It was great that Owen was home so he could give her the jazz lesson she needed.

6.  Brett is so funny.  His favorite phrase lately is “I’m tired”.  No matter the time of day – if he just woke up or end of the day.  I think I have figured out what he really means.  He is so excited to go on the airplane this summer.  He is counting down the nights he has to sleep until we can go.  I think that he feels if he can go to sleep again then he’ll be closer to the plane trip.  Love how his mind works.  I keep trying to get him to say “I’m excited” but he doesn’t do that yet.

7.  Father’s Day was very low key around here as Owen and I recuperated from the Relay Race.  Sure love Owen.  Love my Dad too.  He comes to visit us next week so I’ll do a Five on Friday using updated pictures of him after his visit (don’t worry Dad, I haven’t forgotten you).

8.  Becky did a great job making crepes for Owen on Father’s Day morning all by herself.  She has asked me to not help her anymore, because the one time I did – I burned her arm with the pan (Per her “I’ve Scared her for life”).  I’m happy to turn over the kitchen to her.

9.  I purchased a new lens for my camera (first lens ever).  It is suppose to be a great portrait lens.  I wanted to try it out and this is the help I got from my kids.

Brock was enjoying a game of chess with Becky and as soon as she saw my camera in hand she is flat on the floor – check out her reflection in the mirror of the fireplace glass. 

Brock was willing to go outside – but this was the types of faces I was getting from him.  Love him!

The lens is suppose to blur the background of your pictures because it has a very low f stop.  See the example with the flowers.

10.  I called up my friend and headed over to her very willing kid models.  They smiled, posed and were wonderful models.  Becky has decided that she’ll go along with me as my poser (she’ll pose the people getting their pictures taken) as long as I don’t take her picture.  She and Makenna did a great job – I’ll think I’ll hire them.  Here are a couple of shots of these cute kids – learning about the blurred backgrounds – the kids sure didn’t need to learn how to be cute.

It was different to work with a fixed size lens – meaning I didn’t have any zoom.  I would want to get closer and farther away and I would forget that I was now the zoom.  I had to move closer or farther away.  Looking forward to a fun summer of “practicing” senior pictures with Lindsay – if she is ever around :).

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