Waiting and Waiting and Wondering

Sometimes being the parent who isn’t “there” is hard.  You want to get a play by play and know all the details.  I have been on the flip side enough times to know that you can’t ever give all the details or the complete feeling that is there.  You might be wondering what I’m talking about?

Brock has a chance this afternoon to meet his birth brother who is serving a mission in Sacramento, CA.  He flew down on Friday to San Jose (Owen had been there working there this week).  After a great dinner at Owen’s favorite Peruvian restaurant, they headed to Sacramento.

A year ago, through many miracles, Brock’s brother was able to find Brock through 4 degrees of separation (easiest/shortest way to tell the story).  We have been in communication with his brother for the past year. 

Once Brock got his call we wanted him to have the chance to go and spend the day being a missionary with his brother.  The mission president was willing to allow the visit, since Brock’s brother is finishing his mission in Nov and will be returning to Kirabati.  The plan is for Brock and Owen to meet his brother and his companion for lunch.  Then after lunch, Brock will accompany his brother and companion as they are missionaries for the rest of the day and night. 

Owen and Brock will then spend the night and then return home Sunday morning. 

So as the off-site parent it is one of those times when being a fly on the wall (modern day tech would be the cam on the wall) would be great.  I can’t wait to hear from Owen and Brock how it went.  I can’t wait to see the pictures.   After being the parent who has spent the most time with Brock, not being there is a good exercise in letting him grow up and having to hear what happened rather than the see what happened.  Basically this is what is happening in the next chapter of our lives with him.  So it is a good training exercise for me.

So now I feel like the girl from the old Mervyns tv ad who would stand by the window of the store and say “Open, Open, Open”.  I get to be at home thinking “I can’t wait til to hear, I can’t wait to hear, I hope things are going great, I can’t wait to hear.”  Somehow I think I will be the same when I am waiting for the weekly emails from him when he is on his mission.

I’m sure there will be a post coming out on Sunday with pictures and maybe even a guest blogger (Owen or Brock) so the story gets told first hand. 

I have watched as Owen has gotten to do many things this last year with Brock – take him to college and take him on this trip and realize how grateful I am for an amazing Dad that Owen is.  And how lucky we are to have been blessed with Brock as our oldest son to teach our how to be parents and even fool ourselves into thinking we knew what we were doing!  Thanks Owen and Brock!  Have an amazing day making memories of a life time!

Couldn’t have a blog without a picture so here is one of Brock and Me right after we arrived in the states with Brock.  Who would ever think that 19 years could go by so fast? 

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3 Responses to Waiting and Waiting and Wondering

  1. Karen says:

    love the photo. Hope all goes great!

  2. Marsha says:

    It will be an interesting experience for both of them. How wonderful that they have a mission in common. I imagine that they will be friends forever. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. The Editor says:

    What a generous heart you have, Kris. I think lots of adoptive moms would be beside themselves worrying over biological siblings meeting up. And you’re just overjoyed at the positives. What a great mom. –lauramaery

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