The Wait is Over

I have realized that guys and girls report things differently.  (I knew that but this totally shows you a great example.)

Yesterday, I was hoping for some info, etc. as to what the plans were and how things were going.  I’ll start with the guy version – so all you guys that are reading this can stop once you’ve gotten the info you need.

I finally called at noon – to see what the plan for the day was.  They had just gotten to the church and Owen said they were good.

Next communication was a text from Owen saying that the Mission President had met them at lunch to meet Brock.

Next communication was that Brock had left with his brother and his companion and Owen was heading to meet with a friend.  Picking up Brock at 6pm.

Next communication was that Brock stayed out longer with his brother.

Nothing after that.  All is fine.  Guys your questions have all been answered by now I’m sure so you can ignore the rest of the blog post.

The girls version is below – sorry if I repeat any of the information you already know.

Brock and Owen drove the church building to meet his brother and his companion.

Here are the pictures of them in front the building. 

Owen then took them out for lunch at the Olive Garden.  While they were there the mission president, President Jardine came to the restaurant to meet Brock.  He is thrilled that this “miracle” has happened and that he could see it all happen.  (Kris’s side note:  What a great way to finish up your mission – they are leaving in July to go home).

After lunch, Brock and his brother, Elder Taratai and his companion Elder Tilley went to some appointments and went tracking.  I loved to hear Brock tell all about the people that they taught.  My favorite story was there were out tracking and started to talk to a man who was working in his yard.  As they talked to him a couple came to buy/pick up a fridge from the homeowner.  They were able to talk to the couple (who were buying the fridge) and get them to accept missionaries to come and teach them.  Loved hearing the stories and can’t wait to hear them from Brock when he is on his mission.

Owen was going to pick Brock up at 6:00, but Brock (was obviously)stayed with is brother and companion longer.  After some appointments and tracking, Brock joined them for dinner at a member’s house.  He had a great time and loved spending time being a missionary with his brother.

Elder Taratai showed Brock his fire dance (much better than the kids in the Kirabati club at BYU-H per Brock) and sang him a song.  Here is the video.  If it works, the video that is then I’m way tech savey – not sure if it will work so if not, I’ll have to get some help from my tech wizard husband and/or son.

I am so glad that Brock had this chance.  What a great experience for both boys and we look forward to seeing him again sometime.  I think this is the best way for your family to grow larger and larger.

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1 Response to The Wait is Over

  1. Karen says:

    Chris laughed and said so true to the guys and girls versions. How awesome. That is so cool of the mission president to allow this. Glad they had a great time.

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