Ten on Tuesday

1.  I LOVE SUMMER.  I love not having to wake kids up in the morning for school.  I love staying up late at night, esp when it stays dark until 9 or 10pm here.  Loving the summer so far (not getting above mid 70’s is also helping me to love summer).

2.  With school out, Brett has been loving his trike at home (it had been at school – to help him go long distances easily and for PE to race around the track).  He has wanted to go on walks to the local Red Box, so we have enjoyed our afternoon walks.  It is so funny to watch him pick the movie.  He definitely has an opinion on what he wants to watch.

3.  Becky started swimming lessons and is loving them.  She goes with her best friend from the neighborhood.  They have their lesson and then get the next 30 minutes to “swim” while her friends brother has his lesson.  Then the long showers happen next.  What a great way to spend Mon – Thursday. 

4.  Becky’s clothing style is changing.  For some reason she has shifted to skirts and wearing a ribbon around her pony tail and even wearing necklaces.  She looks great!  Love it.  One day I drove into the cul-du-sac and I looked over and she had on a pair of pants that I didn’t recognize as hers.  Turns out she couldn’t find any of her own and had grabbed a pair of my workout capri’s.  Lets just say that they must really really stretch when I have them on and they were very loose when she had them on.  Can’t believe it – my youngest is starting to raid my closet (okay she use to just raid my sweaters – Kindy she has a style just like you!)

5.  I was able to go and hike Tiger Mountain with Tamie on Thursday.  It has been at least a year since I’ve been.  I loved the chance to chat with Tamie for more than 10 minutes as were are walking to/from school or dropping kids off at each other’s house.  She is amazing!

6.  Brett saw the camelback (from my hike with Tamie) out on the counter so the next time we went for a walk to Red Box he needed to wear the “water backpack”.  Love him.  The sad face is because I insisted on a pictures – not the look of pure delight which had been on his face because he had on the water backpack.

7.  Our ward has a monthly birthday lunch celebration for the “emptying the nesters”.  We usually go to a restaurant and eat lunch. This month was at a park – which got rained out – so we ate at a home.  I love having great friends who are wiser and have made it thought the teenage/college years with some of their kids to let me know that I’m normal and so are my kids. 

8.  We saw Cars 2 on Friday.  I really liked it – but be prepared to see a James Bond movie.  Like the Pixar short prior to the show as much as the movie.

9.  Have loved hanging out with Lindsay on Saturday.  She is amazing.

10.  Brock is a great sport with Brett.  Brett was feeling like the champion of the world last night.


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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Love how Brock is texting on his phone while getting pinned by Brett. Love it

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