Baseball Heaven

Sometimes having kids of varying ages and interests makes doing things as a family tough.  It is hard to please everyone with the same activity and actually make good and positive memories.  Movies don’t create memories and dinners at a restaurant make very small ones.

Last night was one of the great exceptions to that problem.  Even as bad as the Mariners have been playing, we loved going to their game.  If only the game was only 5 innings long – we would have had the win.

My dad was in town and he loves baseball.  I checked on Saturday and there was a game on Tuesday so we bought the cheap seats.  The center field bleachers are only $9 a ticket – cheaper than a movie ticket.

The Mariners offer a great service to mobility impaired guests.  They allow them on the field during batting practice.  My dad was more than willing to be Brett’s escort.  The M’s were playing the Braves, so they got to be up close with the Braves players.  The Mariners took their pictures for them, which is nice since there were so many Braves fans it was hard to get close to them from the stands.

Brett, Becky, Owen and my dad headed in the first car at 4:45.  Brock, Lindsay and I headed in the 2nd car around 5:30.  So sad to see soo few people in the seats, but it sure made getting there and parking cheaper and quick.  The ushers were amazing to us and they had us sit in the Handicap seats at the top of the bottom section rather than climb up to the bleacher seats with Brett.

I loved how the kids had fun.  There was plenty of room around us to walk and switch seats.  Brock rediscovered his love of eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the ground.  Lindsay knows where all the snack places are in the stadium.  Brett loved to watch Ichiro hit a home run on the first pitch to him.  The M’s were looking amazing through the 5th inning.  2 solo home runs, a runner stole home to score,  there was a double steal (1st and 2nd base both stole at the same time), defense was doing great.

It was fun to look over at Brock and Lindsay having so much fun together. 

Becky was surrounded by her favorite men.

Brett was loving the hat he got during batting practice.

We had a wonderful time which we’ll remember for a long time. I love it when we get to spend time together and having lots of fun.  couldn’t ask for better kids or husband.   Glad that my dad could join us and give a reason to go to the game.

I know that looking back at these pictures will remind us of blue and pink cotton candy, licorice, pizza, cherry juice boxes but most of all how much we love each other and being together.  Here’s to more family activities – that don’t include a big screen – but somehow always involve food!!!!

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2 Responses to Baseball Heaven

  1. Karen says:

    Awesome! I think I want to steal dad’s shirt. Love the photo’s . PLus I know where Lindsay got her shirt. I have one too.

  2. Marsha says:

    So wonderful! Your writing about your family is immensely enjoyable to read! Thank you for sharing!

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