Five on Friday – My Dad

1. When I think of my dad the one of the first things that comes to my mind is sports.  He has played sports with us our whole lives.  I remember thinking that for a guy who lived and breathed sports and played baseball in college, he sure did great having 4 girls first.  I remember playing football in the front yard with him.  He was always the QB and we’d run to the other size of the front yard (50 yards) and yell I’m open.  The faith we had in his ability to throw it was perfect.  He was Dad.  I remember running the last few miles with him of his first marathon.  I remember that he would be at my meets and games cheering me on.  He did all he could to help us succeed where sports were involved.

2.  My dad loves the gospel.  He loves to be serving in his callings.  It doesn’t matter if he is a nursery leader, a home teacher, a seminary teacher or a missionary.  He loves to be in the service of his god.

3.  My dad has taught me to be there for the important things.  I hope that I can make sure that I’m there for the important things in my families lives, just as he has been there for the important things in my and my family’s life.

4.  My dad loves my Mom.  They would always kiss in front of us.  He would always say, “I want you to know I love your Mom”.  Growing up my attitude was of course you love my mom.  Now that I’m a Mom and have a husband I love dearly, I love to kiss him.  I am grateful that my kids know that their Dad loves me.  With all their friends whose parents are divorced, I am so happy that my  kids know that their Dad loves me.

5.  My Dad loves me and is proud of me and tells me that.  I sure love him!  So grateful he loves my kids and Owen as much as he loves me.

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