Sunny Saturday in Seattle

Summertime is the best in Seattle.  The weather is perfect and there is so much to do each weekend around town.  Hopefully we’ll have lots of fun things to tempt you with this summer so you’ll want to pick your weekend of the best that Seattle has to offer and come and join us!

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!   It was hot for us (around the low 80’s).  Perfect to check off one of Becky’s what I want to do this summer list.  Play at the Seattle Center International Fountain.  I had heard lots about the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival from a fellow classmate in my spring photography class.  I thought it would be great to kill two birds with one stone.  The only way I got Becky to come along to the festival was to add in the fountain and let her invite a friend to come along. 

Lindsay, Brett, Becky and MaKenna loaded into the car and we were off.  I still hadn’t figured how to keep Brett out of the fountain (he loves it and Brock is my fountain helper and he declined to join us).  I was going to use the oh I forgot your suit and towel routine.

We headed to festival.  One of the perks of having Brett with us the opportunity to use the handicap parking.  We love to park close.  The festival was not what I was expecting.  I don’t know what I was expecting.  There were lots of wooden boats, some activities for the kids and food.  I guess I was expecting something more – I guess if I knew anything about wooden boats that would have helped me appreciate the boats that were there more.  Here are a couple of my favorite boats.

Brett went and looked at all the boats with me while Lindsay, Becky and MaKenna looked at all there was to offer for sale. 

The keys got locked in the car so Owen came to our rescue.  He is the greatest – although it wasn’t too hard to convience him to drive top down on a beautiful day.  Lindsay bailed and went for the stylish ride home/trip to mall/trip to Dairy Queen with Owen.

Becky and MaKenna were ready to do what they had come to do – play in the fountain.  We found a great parking spot close – thanks again Brett.  Sad to see that our favorite parking lot just a block away from the Science Center is now becoming a concrete building.

I’ll let the picture tell the rest of our story at the fountain.  Becky and MaKenna loved playing /watching the fountain while Brett and I hung out in the shade on the grass taking pictures of the girls, the fountain and the airplanes that few by (Brett loved that we were in the airplane landing pattern).

The Before Shot!

The water was a bit chilly for my two NW girls

– so the bench was really hot and felt great.

Brett has some great photo skills – the one above and below along with the plane pictures are all him.

What a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon with your friends.  So glad that Makenna came so Becky had a friend to play/hang with.

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2 Responses to Sunny Saturday in Seattle

  1. strobe20 says:

    lovely pics…. looks like you guys had a fun afternoon!

  2. Marsha says:

    So much FUN on the day before your Birthday! Yea for you and your companions!

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