Ten on Tuesday

1.  I had one of those experiences last Wednesday where I can’t believe I’m as old as I am.  Brock took out his endowments last Wed night at the temple.  It was wonderful and amazing.  What a great experience to share with your child.  That is what made me think – wow am I old enough to have a child go through the temple.  How can I really be that “old”?  80 is now old to me – wonder how I will feel then – if I will actually feel old then.

2.  My neighbor just redid their backyard into an alpine rock garden.  It looks amazing – hence the need to feel like I should do something to my yard.  Friday I spent two hours weeding the back – boy did it need it.  Then while Brett was at PT I headed to Home Depot to get some color.  I am hoping that the perennials which I got do well.  I’ve had good luck with the front yard flowers (added a few more) and even added some color to my back yard.

3. Owen, Brock, Becky and I played Ticket to Ride on Saturday night.  Brock won the first time ever and it was by one point.  He jumps up and says, “I’m never playing again until after my mission”.  We aren’t too competitive are we?

4.  I’ve been trying to find new recipes lately.  I had just bought a 4 pack of Italian Sausage from Costco.  I have 3 standard recipes that I make with it but was looking for something different.  Found 2 great recipes which I made one http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Fire-Island-Ziti  LOVED it and a crock pot recipe which Brock made on Friday (great job I must say) that we ate for the next couple of days  http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Creole-Black-Beans–n–Sausage

5.  Sunday was my birthday.  It is hard to believe that I’m 43.  I still feel much younger – except when I kneel down and fold a couple of dryers loads of laundry and my knees hurt.  So grateful for my good health and my amazing family.

6.  We had a good friend invite us over for dinner on Sunday.  There were 5 families and we had an amazing time.  5 hours and a failed attempt at fireworks (some neighbors don’t like you to shoot off illegal fireworks around their home) we came home happy, full and ready for a good nights sleep.

7.  I love the 4th of July.  Love that we have all the freedoms in our nation that we enjoy and am so grateful for all those who serve to protect those freedoms.

8.  Pancake breakfast at the ward was lots of fun yesterday morning.  The kids had a bike parade and someone had brought lots of red, white and blue balloons to tie onto the bikes – looked great.

9.  Owen and I made huge salads to take to an afternoon lunch/became dinner with friends.  I love salads, but always seems like so much work – esp. when not many people at the home eat them.

10.  Fireworks at city hall was lots of fun.  I had gotten an email from my first photography teacher on how to take pictures – Biggest lesson I learned is that your tripod works so much better when you remember the plate that attached your camera to the tripod.  Here is the moon – before the fireworks started and then some of my better hand held shots of the fireworks.

Loved the sunset and moon prior to the show

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  1. Karen says:

    I love the fireworks photos!

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