Real Family Pictures – Take One

Last Saturday I dragged my family out to attempt to take a family picture we’d all like.  Impossible I know, but hopeful.  Needless to say I sure learned a lot by seeing what I had done wrong.  Now I need to “see” that while I’m taking the shot rather than when I’m sitting at home and the kids are DONE with pictures.  Actually my kids were great and they surprised me.  Three loved getting their pictures being taken and didn’t want to bail early.  One had allergies and the park we found wasn’t helping so that child wasn’t up for many pictures.  I also learned more about when to use a low f-stop (one person) and when it doesn’t work great (like with the whole family). 

My kids can’t wait til we head back out next week and attempt another round of pictures.  I figured today I’d show you what life is really like when the camera is clicking at our family photo shoots.

The family loves it when I’m trying to get the tripod and camera set up.

The top part of the picture you see might look like this:

but…. this is really what is happening in the whole scene…

loved to capture my kids are they really were…

while my ones who hate pictures were smiling I thought I’d have Lindsay and Brett snap away.

Lastly had to show one of Lindsay – haven’t “picked” ones of the three youngest that I want as their school pictures for the year.

I guess you can tell which child made an early exit with their Dad to go home  get something to eat. 

Lesson learned today – make sure everyone sitting on the bench or front row has their knees together otherwise the pictures don’t work very well.  Also – I need to remember to wear mascara and lip gloss.  Some day we’ll get it all together – until then you get real pictures of us.

Here is a family picture which was the best of the not so good ones.  Looking forward to our next photo shoot session.

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