Ten on Tuesday

1.  Finally got the go ahead to run (I have been running off and on and worried that running more might cause more pain in my glut.)  The PT yesterday said that I can’t cause more problems, but that it will hurt.  So bring on the pain and Ragnar (2 weeks away July 22-23).

2.  I have gotten the hand me down phone from Owen to Lindsay to me.  I am enjoying the ability to text much fast.  I do have to hide it since Brett is in love with it.

3.  Loved spending time with Grandma Marsha and Grandpa David (Owen’s parents this past week).  My kids love them and can’t wait to see them in a couple of weeks at the Allen family reunion. 

4.  Here are pictures of the new sink, faucet and light that David installed for me while he was here.

You can’t tell, but he also fixed a leaky toilet for us in that bathroom!  I put pictures into the frames that I’ve had since Feb. so their help and pressure the room is almost done.  –  Just need to hand the picture frames on the wall above the towels.  Hopefully that will not take 6 more months.  🙂

5.  Brock gave his farewell talk on Sunday.  Can’t believe it is almost here.  Last Thursday we hit the stores and were able to make great progress on all that we need to buy.  We were able to get the items that we could send along with Grandma and Grandpa to AZ (bedding, camelback, raincoats, etc.).  The shirts and shoes that I ordered online have arrived.  Pick up his second suit next week.  All we have left is to go and get him fitted on a bike (thanks to Scott Rapier for doing all the leg work on that) and his first aid kit, etc.  By next Tuesday – I’ll have pictures of us dropping him off at the airport (noon flight) and everything he needs for two years in his suitcase.  Looking to getting his updates of his best two years!  What a great son.

Here are a couple of shots of him with the women who came to hear his talk.

This one is married, but she is pregnant with a boy and Brock is trying to convince here that Brock is the perfect name for her son.

6.  Lindsay had a great time at EFY, loved to hear all about it on the way home – prior to her falling into her day of sleep to recover from the lack of sleep at EFY. 

7.  This past week was birthday week for my family.  Mine was on the 3rd.  Kari on the 8th – she has joined the over 39 club (didn’t want to actually say the 40 word).  Kindy was amazing and ran a 1/2 marathon prior to her birthday on the 10th and Rob spent his birthday on the 11th planning a 3 stake youth conference.  Good luck Sergeant Sherwood this weekend.  With siblings like this I am the luckiest person in the world.

8.  Owen was gone last week and this week.  Sure miss him when he is gone.  This week is WPC which is a HUGE Microsoft Partners Conference.  He is surrounded by all his peers and friends.  Lots of meeting, talks, dinners, sharepints, etc.  He will come home walking on Cloud 9 and exhausted.

9.  I am remembering how you don’t get much accomplished during the summer, but hanging out with your kids.  Love the time we get to spend together.

10.  I have actually started reading a book – shocking I know.  Even more shocking is that it is called Born to Run.  Not far enough in yet to have an opinion.  Will let you know what I think – everyone who has read it is now hooked on barefoot running or the 5 toe shoes.  Not sure I could be convienced of that.

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