Five on Friday – The Office Remodel

1. It is hard to call it the New office remodel, but most of you haven’t been here so it is new to you.  With Owen having his own business and Brett needing a downstairs bedroom, we decided to turn our unused dining room/previous playroom – where kids no longer played/misc furniture holding room/basic waste of space.

Here is an older picture of the room in all its glory.

2.  We started by changing the open doorway into French doors.  this required a the opening to be made smaller by a foot or so.

Picture of the new French Doors.

3.  We also put a solid door from the office into the kitchen.

New door to kitchen.

4.  We brought electricity and cable and internet into the room (and to our computer in the family room and the tv in the family room – when you have an electrician out you might as well do it all!)

5.  Then we had painter paint all the white molding/trim and doors.  I had the drywaller touch up a few spots on the blue wall and lived with white spackling for many months (okay til last week).  I borrowed my bosses color books and was able to match up the paint (some how our old paint can had disappeared) and spend the big bucks ($2.33) for a sample at Home Depot.  Love it!!!! 

What I love the most about the office!

When Owen is home in it!

Love how it looks and glad that we could give Owen the office he has always dreamed of (not really, but we are going it that).

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