Missionary Monday

Here is Brock’s letter and email from last week.

Letter from Sunday July 24th:

Sorry about the delay in mailing you, the MTC leaves very little time for idle hands if you can believe it.  Also please tell the girls (Lauren, Pono and Brittane) that we have been forbidden from writing non-family on non-pdays.  Mine isn’t until Wednesday.

Anyways, the work is both glorious an rigourous.  Sorry about the grammer and spelling  I really miss MSFT sword.  Have not seen any withdrawl symptoms of technology, except for the involuntary spasms and onvulsions.  (just kidding)

Anywho, i love the District I’m in and my companion and roommates are awesome.  I’ve fully thrown myself into the work so expect me to be really busy.

Don’t worry about me. Ever. I’m here on the Lord’s errand.

I Love You All,

Elder (Brock) Allen


Email from Wed. July 27th:


 just kidding,

 Everything is going great over here, my companion is pretty quiet but he’s a stong convert to the church.

The district I’m in is awesome and it feels like we’ve known each other longer than a week. Classes are rough but I’m learning alot.

 Here’s a little sample of the language of my mission area:

“augahghiooioioauiaugaguaguaughauhaioioiouauhahgag” means “A sandstorm is coming!!”

“auuauauaua……” means “We are all currently drowning in sand. Send assistance please.”

 That was also a joke.

 Anywho… I really have like NO TIME. I keep busy and stay focused everyday.

I may not be the smartest missionary but I’ll try.

 Lots a love, till next wednesday,

-Elder Allen

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